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  1. Paul has dragged up some ancient grudge to " justify" recasting ??? I am totally staggered . This is no justification at all .
  2. Trying to stay on topic, I admire and respect the way Daetrin has replied to this thread , and find great difficulty understanding the attitude of the U.K.G. SSskunky 's posting above pretty much sums up the situation .
  3. The sharpening up of certain areS is talked about in the original post by c.f.o.
  4. The F.I.S.D is full of newcomers who have no idea what this is about . Only a few regulars and site supporters really comprehend the enormity of these accusations. That's why it's not getting noticed, and it's buried away in " recasters discussions" forum which no newbies care about .
  5. No, it's not a rough pull, you are looking at material outsid e the mould parameters that needs to be trimmed off . Simply put, more trimming is needed if those ears are ever going to fit . Nothing wrong with the plastic.
  6. Yes it's all,one part, but like some other parts of your armour is based upon return of the Jedi armour , totally different from new hope armour . The top and bottom halfs of the all in one piece line up differently on a new hope armour . Once the belt is in position it won't be obvious to the general,public . Don't let it bother you , carry on enjoying your build .
  7. So how do you do the return edges ? And what about the stomach / cod alignment ?
  8. Dimple is front of left bicep . Check the movie reference photos . Your armour appears to be return of the Jedi, not new hope , I'm not sure how you will achieve the new hope hero look you are going for .
  9. I'm pretty sure that the mr no stripes look isn't acceptable for clearance with the UKG however ...just icase you were thinking it might be a nice way to sort out your tube stripe problems .
  10. Bit of a pointless post without photos or information .
  11. Sounds like you sent the wrong measurements to them , but they are a cool company to work with , give them a ring this week and chat to them about the issue. They will try to help .
  12. Make the forearms fit your arms , that's my advice !
  13. Wolfgang, are you subscribed to the RS Propmasters YouTube channel ? They have posted quite a few " how to build" videos recently . Have a good look ...they cover building the biceps in great detail .
  14. Did you have your eyes shut at the time ?
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