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  1. Look, having built many RS armor, you are worrying about nothing . Get hold of the black elastic and tear it upwards away from the inside of the shoulder bell ...it will come away easily . Then re position it and glue it back with superglue. I have done it many times..it's so simple !!!! Even thinking about re stitching the snap is a stupid idea,
  2. Rob .T .

    Shaun’s RS Props ANH Stunt build

    Remember, the RS is taken from a real screen used suit ... the curve of the backplate is screen accurate ...leave it that way . i notice you mention re inforcing the shoulder bridges ...don't . They need to be as flexible as possible . Make them solid and they will snap . Check screen caps for glueing them on , from memory the 5th ridge sits on the edge of the chest...but check .
  3. Take your time and buy the very best first off . Buy cheap/inaccurate =buy twice =money wasted . You can leave buying boots until the end of the build , so order from imperial boots when they open the next run .
  4. Couldn't find the PayPal tag for imperial credits, so I sent a few dollars instead . Glad to help.
  5. Rob .T .

    Troopermaster vs RS

    If you order from RS you have a six week turnaround , and can request a smooth helmet from them as they have a mould for people who don't like the movie accurate look . Unfortunately I don't know TMs timescale . Hope this helps.
  6. Delivery will be around six to seven weeks after you place an order . The secret is to take very accurate measurements to allow them to build the suit for you . Delivery to Belgium usually takes about two days from leaving RS . These days they are fast at replying to emails...and of course are always available on the telephone during working hours . hope this info helps.
  7. The two are quite a noticeable difference in colour . Id reccomend you call them direct and get a pvc replacement part for your lid . The two plastics don't mix and match .
  8. Rob .T .

    Warning, evade this seller!

    No, simply NO . sterr clear and buy from a reputable seller of armour that IS clearable.
  9. Rob .T .

    Jacks RS prop master ANH stunt WIP

    You made the right choice. studying other people's builds on this board is the best way forward , and RS are ever helpful on the phone if you need them , also they have a Facebook page especially for builders , with the RS crew regularly advising .
  10. Rob .T .

    Black Wire e11

    Don't fit the black wire , it's not necessary and didn't appear on the movie guns. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Rob .T .

    RS prop masters problem

    My guess is that you took measurements wrong when you sent the order sheet in . The armour is too small for you , and the thighs too thin . Or Have you put weight on recently ? They can only build to the measurements you send . Sorry if I sound blunt , it's not my intention , but reading something typed can give that impression .
  12. Rob .T .

    Let the build begin.. Stormtrooper RS ANH WIP

    Nip over and try some on would be my advice . I take a 42 usually, and 43 imperials fit perfectly . the leather is soft , and the smaller sizes have softer soles , after a few hours wearing they look just like the boots in the movies, most modern painted Chelsea boots just look wrong, too stiff and badly shaped .
  13. Rob .T .

    Let the build begin.. Stormtrooper RS ANH WIP

    RS Propmasters now keep imperial boots in stock . The white leather they are made from is lovely and soft , they really do look like the real movie boots , I love mine .
  14. Rob .T .

    Replica Armor

    RS can ship it to you in weeks, ready to go , and super screen accurate . Shepperton can't do that , and most troopers shy away from them for good reasons. Go RS every time !
  15. Rob .T .

    Critique please on my helmet gaps

    I think your top edge needs a tiny bit more trimming . You should be studying screen capture photos from a movie called " Star Wars " . ;0)