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  1. Great to have you in the " club" Tim . Centurian wont be far off ....
  2. A couple of years ago I made an ESB conversion kit for my RS props new hope armour . My garrison trooped at a live orchestra screening of the movie ESB , so I quickly sorted an ESB costume . the main thing was the helmet, and as a helmet collector I luckily already had an RS ESB helmet , that would have been the expensive part . I picked up some cotton gloves and ESB handgards from RS , leaving just the holster issue . Luckily the RS holster is attached by Chicago screws, so I unfastened the holster straps , ( ok, it left holes in the belt on the left... but hardly noticeable) then with some offcuts of leather ( a cheap black leather belt from the cheap shop) I made two ESB loops to fasten to the holster with the original Chicago screws , allowing the holster to loop onto the belt on the right side. It was a quick and simple conversion kit that was completely reversible , and I've got it saved for another event one day . The whole " kit" is stored inside my ESB helmet .
  3. Forget the colour discrepancy, no one will ever notice , just build your new belt and troop on . After the first troop you will have forgotten there's a colour difference .
  4. Hi Tim , great to meet you at the studio this morning . Your enthusiasm for trooping really shon through . Im sure you're clearance will be straight forward now your latest tweKs have been carried out . Look forward to trooping with you when the world starts returning to normality .
  5. That's an amazing rescue job you have done there Dan . It really looks the part . The green really mimicked the pp green of Simons helmet . And the very brave black on grey paint job really works well . Good job .
  6. I have those boots , I don't think they need breaking in , I collected mine at an RS props open day a few years ago, and simply wore them for the whole event ...broke in nicely lol . I've trooped regularly in them for four years at least before lockdown , and have never cleaned them , they still look smart . Not quite " like new" but no real marks scuffs or creases . The leather they use is good quality , and is coloured well .
  7. I don't understand why you didn't just order the blaster from RS . Theirs are super accurate , and unlike others, have a hollow alloy tube down the middle, making them super strong and infinitely customisable if you go that route .
  8. Threads on the r.p.f have discussed and identified these , I believe on the promo picture and hero blaster . Not all the blasters though .
  9. No one was hurt , and all their master moulds were stored off site , so they can get up and running soon . The giant vac former was unfortunately damaged , so they are awaiting on the insurance company. Obviously there will be a delay with all current on going orders , so they have asked people to be patient . One thing is for sure , they will deliver all orders and come back better than ever .
  10. Well done , another RS and Centurian, and probably the most unusual one ever !!!
  11. When you order a commission build from RS , they send you a sizing form . You take loads of measurements , fill in the form , and they make the armour to fit you . If you want armour that looks like it did in the movie, RS is the only choice . Every comission build is custom tailored to fit the customer .
  12. Phone RS Propmasters , they have the belt material in stock .
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