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  1. Alright, I was going to post this on Flagship Eclipse but that would require making a new user and its a bit tricky to do that from my phone. If this is the wrong place to ask let me know and I'll delete it. So i was looking for a place to get lightsaber hilts for my brother, the only problem is i don't want to break the bank. Seems like everything out there is either cheaply made or over $300. That is when i stumbled across this guy on Esty.com: http://www.etsy.com/listing/108963266/star-wars-the-force-unleashed-starkiller?ref=shop_home_active_4 . I have heard a few good things from others around on other forums, but i wanted to ask the experts. Has anyone ever bought from Holocron? Does he do good work with his sabers? Also, where did you get your saber from?
  2. This is great! I understand why you liked the tear vent lines. They look really cool the "claw" way. Not cannon but would look cool on something like a deathtrooper or something your not trying to gain approval with. Good luck with getting in!!!
  3. Very cool. I'll make sure to keep my eye on this thread!
  4. This is cool stuff. I love to see the behind the scenes work. especially when it comes to sideshow.
  5. Hey fellow troopers. It has been a long time since I have posted, wont lie. I have been occupied with my non-star wars costumes. In the meantime i have been keeping an eye on all the topics here and i have a question. I am very nervous to put all of my money into a Stormtrooper project and thought i could start a bit smaller to make sure im up for this. I was wondering if i could invest into a helmet kit and attempt putting one together. This way i can spend less money than buying an entire suit and get a hang of building trooper armor. In the end if it turns out now for me when i am finished, i won't be broke, but if i like it i can buy a suit. i know the different types of armor at this point and kits, but helmet kits is a foreign subject to me. So if you guys have any recommendations of helmet kits I'd love to hear them. Any movie, and type of plastic. As long as its in a reasonable price. Thank you for all your help and if I'm saying anything stupid and incorrect let me now guys. Still a bit new. -Bob
  6. Thank you, i am aware of what types of clays and materials i need, just wondering if anyone had some personal favorites they'd like to offer up. I've been looking at the flagshipeclipse and it seems they have a goldmine of information. thanks guys Bob
  7. thanks for the link guys, but im more intrested in materials then the actual character. i will checkout the website though thaqnks you, and from what ive seen of the Mywickedarmor.com guy, is that he dosn't talk much about his actual builds or tools he uses.
  8. Hey guys. ive beeen getting into mask sculpting and have prior (but minor) sculpting exprince. I find it fun to do in my free time and i thought, mine as well do a mask i like and if it comes out good ill make a mold. Only problem is Ive never done a mask. I have sculpted heads, but only around small bust size. I was wondering if you guys had some suggestions on materials. Money is short, but not a huge issue. Im intrested in: -Where to find a good armature for my masks. (id rather not make a life cast.) -What clay do you guys use. I like the harder stuff personaly and im more exprinced in air dry clays but still have exprince in modeling clay. -What mold materials do you use and can i get them localy or do i have to order online? -What type of latex/ or resin would you use for a mask and which would be better, both on price and quality. And anyone who has tips, no matter how minor, I'd love to read them. I'll add a picture of what I'll be attempting to sculpt.
  9. may the BBQ be with you, these arnt the steaks your looking for, the spatula strikes back, revenge of the sausage, arnt you a little short to be a chicken wing? those are all kind of long though.
  10. I cant help you with your qestions (ive havent made my helmet yet) but i agree, the brow seems way to low.
  11. heres an ATA helmet build. might e intresting to read. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=14806
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