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  1. Hello! A few years ago i decided i wanted to build a full size stormtrooper helmet using basically card, glue, wallpaper paste, and whatever else seemed usable. I have a background in design (I did Furniture design at uni) so i am pretty skilled with my hands. I knew it would be a serious challenge, I wasnt wrong! So i started with a small prototype I suppose, which was more really to check out materials and build methods. You can see this build here: https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/my-anh-trooper-from-scratch-build.269715/ So then I started my full size attempt. I'll just post the images, i think they show how this build progressed. A very steep learning curve! But basically by the final pic, which was about a months work, i decided nah, i wasnt happy - and decided to start again!! So this was attemp #1. More to follow! Cheers
  2. Great, thank you very much
  3. Great many thanks. Talking of RS Props, are there any images anywhere of their actual screen used suit? Thanks!
  4. Hello! This is an absolute goldmine: Are there any more images from the LFA out there? Does anyone know exactly what they have? It looks like they have a Sandtrooper, a Hero and one or two stunts, is that correct? Thanks!!
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    OK great ill check him out! I just LOVE building, I think im pretty well clued up about helmets but armour is a whole new ball game Thank you, I checked them out couldnt see any images of their stuff sadly. But its got me thinking...! Thank you! As i said i will make a thread sometime about the full size one I almost finished, except it wasnt full size! Its about 10-15% too small. That was a bummer, after all the work i did. I had no helmet of any kind, i was just going off images and i found a post by Space Cowboy no less, who did the pep files a lot of people use, and he said a helmet is roughly 12x12x12...i figured he would know! I walked past a shop in London that had an Anovos in the window and i knew immediately mine was too small. Id love to see this other helmet you mention, is there a thread here? Cheers!
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    Thanks for the welcome guys! My dream would be to sculpt>produce moulds>vac form>assemble>501 approval full armour but as I'm sure you are aware that is a very, very long road. But a fun one!! Has anyone here done such a thing? Cheers :)
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    Thanks, glad to be here
  8. Good afternoon TKs, Ive been a builder/maker for about 6 years now, building from scratch with card, glue, bondo etc...I did post a thread of my very first prototype at therfp but it didnt get much interest, but it gives an ideas of what i get up to - https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/my-anh-trooper-from-scratch-build.269715/ After that build I set about doing a full size helmet using similar methods, i think I worked on and off for 18 months on that (I work very, very slowly!). Will do a thread about it sometime. Sadly no plans to joing the 501st but i think its a brilliant thing. I am literally a little short for a stormtrooper, i would look totally daft! I am rather obsessed with stormtroopers, particularly ANH, particularly helmets. I have a few interesting projects lined up and id love feedback/input as i go along. Ok thanks for having me MTBer
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