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  1. Thank you! Yeah I’m definitely gonna look into the strapping on the sides see if I can do anything about it without needing to shim, as for the rest of the changes I’ll give em a shot thanks a ton!
  2. Josh Miles pacific outpost (for now) AM 4.5 Daves Darkside Depot commission OEM neck seal. Imperial Boots boots questdesigncanada blaster was not finished at the time of these pictures but I can include these pics if requested. some things I have noted myself, thigh pieces seem a little large, debating on trimming an inch off the top currently, I feel it will improve fit but am unsure how to replace the return edge on there or if ill need to completely re do the thighs, I'm also looking at trimming the shins just a bit near the joint edge as it fits slightly too wide, Dave recommended putting a little foam to stop it from rotating as you want the shins a little bigger for walking. my butt plate juts out but I have found the fix for this and will be implementing it, and my side armor has a gap, I think a shim would be in order here but I don't know how to go about doing that nor do I have the white abs around to shim it (commission probs amirite?). If you guys have any other advice or fitting suggestions I am all ears! I've been lookin forward to joining y'all since 2014 and I'm excited to finally be at this point!
  3. Welp already broke off the charging handle, guess I’ll be grabbing some glue from the hardware store I was already headed to tomorrow, any recommendations on types of glue for resin?
  4. here they are! I'll try to take some better pictures later especially once I finish her up, but while I have everyone's attention, any recommendations on springs? or how to fashion one? and is there an outlined color for the bolt? I checked out the CRL but it didn't say much about it. Anyway.. enjoy the unboxing!
  5. So today was the day I finally got the blaster and it looks great! I’m gonna try to post the pictures up here, out of the box I know I’ll need to add a spring, and paint the bolt, I don’t think I’m gonna do much weathering as I feel as elite soldiers of the imperial army we should have pristine armor AND blasters
  6. I ended up using questdesigncanada on Etsy, I’ve seen lots of guys with his blasters and the communication between him and I have been fantastic. It’s taken a bit longer than originally expected but he’s kept me in the loop and I know exactly where it is currently. 10/10 would recommend
  7. Ah that makes sense I appreciate that, and I’ll take a look thank you very much!
  8. Hey! And thank you! Hoping to be around a while, and trooping primarily, I’m a bigger guy so I’m not too much worried about the weight aspect of things. Not to mention my job usually requires me hauling around some weight for quite a bit, that being said I’ve heard a lot on how resin blasters tend to break easily, so I’ve kinda shied away from them. But being green as grass to this I’m willing and open to any experience and recommendations anyone has
  9. hey all, so ive been tryin to find a good blaster, i message praetorian and got no response, the only person ive been able to actually get to respond was the field marshall E-11 kits, and while these are beautiful, im looking for something a bit more budget friendly. ANH is the style im looking for any help is appreciated!
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