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  1. Tom did a great job; Albin was looking real good. Due to the running we had to do, I needed to help trim the back of Albin's knees a bit. I'd like to apologize to Tom for doing such a crummy trimming job. It's tough trimming armor that someone else is wearing, while you are also wearing armor
  2. This last weekend Garrison Titan had the incredible opportunity to participate in the filming of the third movie in The Gamers series: The Hands of Fate. We were honored to have Albin Johnson and Dave Anderson fly in to Washington and join us for the filming. Albin has been working with the production company for a while to bring this great opportunity to the 501st. Here is some background from Albin: “The Gamers came out in 2002, just a fun little projected by some buddies in college. It was a web sensation and was soon followed by a much higher-production value feature Gamers: Dorkness Rising in 2008. The folks at Dead Gentlemen Productions did such an amazing job of capturing just how rpg's run and the personalities involved that it is to my mind an instant classic. ... I can't stress enough how awesome the work is that's been done by Dead Gentlemen Productions and their partners Zombie Orpheus. Journey Quest is underway at the moment and Gamers 3: Hands of Fate just got funded. So hopefully we'll see plenty more of the gamer folks!†“Gamers 3 follows the misadventures of a group of gamers introduced in Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising in 2008. The group has decided to take their game to a convention where they encounter a whole new level of geekdom. Parts of this film have already been filmed at GenCon earlier this year, so there is a big convention feel to this story. The part where we need Stormtroopers is in shots depicting the 501st as the convention Imperial security. There are bits in the script showcasing the Stormtroopers being the heavies of the film and causing trouble (but in a fun way) for everyone. This is a big opportunity for the 501st to make an indelible impression in pop culture by being in a very popular indie film series.†Here is a preview of the movie we were filming: The movie is set at a convention. At this convention security is provided by Stormtroopers from the 501st, who are needed to enforce some order. The crew found some other great ways to work the 501st in to the movie, including a scene that displays a 501st con information booth with our logo and banners along with some more of our characters. We are all very excited to see how it will all come together, I’ll try not to give away anything about the movie here since I expect many will want to see it when it comes out and I don’t want to spoil any of the plot or humor. Tony Carnevale and James Holliday explaining Stormtrooper armor behind the scenes 501st gathering for lunch. (Go FISD!) Me blaster battling with Christian Doyle Albin and I put Brian Lewis in his place Albin hanging out with Nathan Rice, Brian Lewis, Carol Roscoe, Christian Doyle and Scott Brown; the cast of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Albin truly is, the most interesting Stormtrooper in the world. With Crystal Bates von Oy. Albin and I escorting Christian Doyle Charlie (JEDISTAR) and I keeping an eye on things. The 501st gets direction from directors Ben Dobyns and Matt Vancil The 501st had a booth at ZOECon, which was both a real con and a set for the filming Crystal Bates von Oy, Jesse Grimes, Brent Allen, Brian Lewis, Albin Johnson and Dave Anderson To top off the experience the production company, Zombie Orpheus, was inducted in to the 501st as an Honorary Friend of the Legion Albin with new honorary members Scott Brown and Matt Vancil showing off their awesome 501st badges Photo credits to Jason Brooks, Mason Williams, Albin Johnson, and Jesse Grimes. It was an incredible weekend; both getting to shoot the film, and hanging out with Albin, Dave and Garrison Titan. I don’t think the exact movie release date has been announced yet, but when it is we will post updates with more info. Big thanks to Albin for bringing us this amazing troop!
  3. Amazing work Andy! I'm looking forward to seeing these soon. I'm going to the filming for The Gamers: Hands of Fate Tomorrow. Unfortunately the cylinders haven't arrived yet . The filming goes for three days, so there's still hope I can get them in time for some of the filming. In typical Star Wars fashion, they may appear and disappear between scenes . I also want to give a real big thanks to Andy for pushing up his timeline to get these ready in time for the filming. He has been incredibly helpful, and I'm hoping I get to use this as an opportunity to show off his work. If I get a chance to be on film I want to show the best FISD can offer, and Andy's cylinders are certainly top notch. Fingers are crossed, I really want to get these in there. I'm watching the mailbox, and I'll post as soon as the set arrives.
  4. Brent

    Happy Halloween

    The trick is to match the helmet quality to the armor, that's what makes it look so natural
  5. Be sure to set the standard in your neighborhood!
  6. Now I've added the false bolt. Here is the plastic with a strip of aluminum glued to it. After the paint job:
  7. I finally worked up the guts to cut down my nice magazine. I used a 6" cutoff wheel to cut down the main magazine. I then ground down the front and back a millimeter or so with a dremel and bent the edges of the top and bottom slightly out so that the end cap would slide back on. I shortened the spring too, so the magazine should still be functional. The end cap won't easily come off anymore, it's pretty solidly pressed on there.
  8. Go slow. Try it in front of a mirror first so you can figure out how you need to bend your legs. I cracked my cod a bit sitting, so don't be too surprised if you need to do some repairs.
  9. I made a little more progress. I made an L-Bracket for the counter using some additional scope rail material. I put a couple of holes in it that allow me to screw the counter to the bracket. I then J-B welded the bracket to the rail. I also added t-track I got from @Marv. T-track is a bit of a pain to attach since it needs to be cut down and the ends needed to be filed a bit before they fit in the hole. Then I invariably find that It's slightly too long and the track doesn't lie down flat. I figured out that if it fits close, but not completely flat, I can hold it down with leather gloves and apply a little heat to the ends with a heat gun. The track then stays place exactly where you want it. Work still to come: cut down mag, false bolt, cylinders, paint. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with. Was the scope rail painted? When going through screen shots, I seem to see a lot of metal around the rail. I haven't yet found any clear examples of a painted scope rail. I haven't done a very deep search yet, but here are some clips from my initial findings (some of these are the same blaster in a different frame, I wasn't really cataloging my screenshots as I went) All the replicas I've seen have had the rail painted black though. Has this been discussed before, and what have been the conclusions? Was the bolt ever covered by tape? I recently read on parts of Star Wars"The bolt, where it shows through the oval cartridge ejection port on the right side of the gun was then covered with aluminum or chrome tape" This seems to only be confirmed on the "A2" variation, which also has the wires. I haven't been able to spot that one in the movie yet, so the tape may be a similar promo only feature, but it would be very convenient for me of tape was screen accurate. If anyone can point to an example of that in the film I may go that route and it would simplify the work I need to make a false bolt.
  10. I think the groove is just the way that the Doopys kit adds on to the Hasbro. The basic Hasbro scope front is pretty bad, so the Doopys mod has you cut it off and cover it with a couple of resin pieces. The Doopys addon comes in two resin parts which are the front detail with the screws and lens, and then that little bridge piece, which is basically an adapter to the Hasbro but give it a bit more of an M38 shape. All-in-all the Doopys kit does a pretty good job of making the Hasbro scope look like an M38 with just a couple easy to attach parts.
  11. For EIB, yes. The Hasbro with Doopydoos add-ons is accepted for EIB. There were two basic styles of scope in ANH. What you have on the Hasbro is the same style as the M38 scopes; like the one on the right in this picture. The other style is a bit shorter like the one on the left.
  12. You may also want to check with your CPA to see if there is any difference between a function hosted by a charity (Children's Hospital) and a function that benefits a charity (comic book store that makes a donation in your name). It seems like it would be pretty easy to fall in to a grey area so be careful.
  13. There are some great reference pictures for the sniper plate here: http://www.whitearmo...nee-a-new-hope/ The plate just goes down straight against the knee without bending back in.
  14. If you are looking for cylinders start here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/17306-3-central-fuses-on-e11-blaster-cylinders Andy doesn't have a sale thread yet, but he's getting close.
  15. Nice job! Try posting the pictures to photobucket and linking them using [img=http://path/to.jpg]
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