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  1. I sell retirement apartments in the South West of the UK. Boba Fett appeared in one of our publicity photos! Joe R
  2. Thank you, I clearly didn't read the thread properly. :-) Pm sent.
  3. I couldn't find Grandzillo on Facebook. Can someone Pm me a link or point me in the right direction? Thanks Joe
  4. How much are these helmets? Think my boy would love one. :-) JoeR
  5. I'm not bothered, it's a mess! But it took longer than I thought.
  6. The picture of the original was when I spent a hungover few hours with Jez taking pictures and chewing the fat! Long time ago...
  7. Look at this on eBay: ----------- Return of the Jedi Stormtrooper Helmet Kit 1:1 A very very poor copy of my JoeR helmets from a few years back. JoeR
  8. Awesome! These are even better in person. One of my favourite buckets.
  9. Just take a break for a while. I've been away for a year and come back and Gino's moulded ANH armour! Awesome :-)
  10. Awesome! Great work. Now if you put it in a plastic bag in the back of the cupboard like the Dave M ROTJ helmet it will go bright yellow!
  11. Always love your build ups Fabien. Really captures the rough ESB look.
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