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  1. If anyone is following my build? Does anyone, anyone have a comparison of the Rustoleum Painters Touch Semi gloss white next to raw white plastic?
  2. This Friday, getting my boots and accurate straps from Imperial boots. Saturday, will be my first armor party, so I don’t want to drag around a bbb In my truck and to a party and back. Was looking at one of these. Anybody have this one and where can I get foam to get it insulated? I have redone my back thighs tonight, and will be leaving them alone until Tuesday (48 hours). One question?....Magnets, what size earth magnets do you recommend and how many?
  3. Thank you, I was having sit over night, for 12 hours, I’ll do it again, let it sit more than just 8-12 hours. Since you’ve talked about trimming the edges, I was going to go and add a reinforced strip in the inner thighs as pictured. This might help keep the parts in place while I have to remove the cover strip. Hoping inside mods are accepted to keep leg and thigh armors sturdy during a troop.
  4. Any suggestions on how to fix this? The E6k is having issues with the lower butt side of the thigh. butt it’s starting to shape up. Will round the bottom coverstrips later.
  5. Thank you! I’m all great when it comes to forums. I make a mental note.
  6. Good morning everyone! Finished up my thighs this week. I’m having one issue. The left thigh. This is Anovos armor. I have cyclists thighs and really can’t do anything about trimming. The right looks better.
  7. Good morning everyone! Finished up my thighs this week. I’m having one issue. The left thigh. This is Anovos armor. I have cyclists thighs and really can’t do anything about trimming. The right looks better.
  8. Theirs always trial and error, last post was an error. So strip the parts off, and did it all over again. Refit the the thighs again. Great thing I have a lot of material to work with, except I keep loosing my earth magnets...and I am learning a lot about myself through this process. I have both thighs clamped up and bondage with blue tape. I will need to adjust the back left thigh, I’m noticing that the bottom is not leveled. With the other thigh. I fixed an area that had a gash, paste and letting it be over night. Will fill in gaps when I have more matching material left over. I was thinking white e6000, but I think it would not look right. I swear my kitchen stovetop has been better to work at instead of my model room. More light to work with..
  9. Made new cover strips, with rib-style shims. The shims are 1x5 inches. Placed ribs in boiling water. Placed first rib on thigh. Once cured, will move up with the middle. How the strip will look like. Feel free for any advice for me! Can’t wait to work on the shins soon....
  10. Ok, what’s the best ratio to make the paste?
  11. All thighs glued together, I have a gap on the left thigh, but this assembly was a pain. I did the best I could. Trooperbay sheets are coming in today. So I’ll start working on shims and coverstrips. The top cover will need to be trimmed and rounded. I see some left thighs on some troopers, with a gap. Should I leave? Or fix it? Or is it my preference? I do have a slip with the blade that will need to be pasted and sanded.
  12. I’ll tell you what, the left thigh is a royal pain. So slowly gluing at both ends, then slowly working my way to the middle of the thigh, Hope it pays off. bottom upper The lip that is not glued in yet. Now glued. Onward.... Solved the issues with the ATA pieces. Don’t use the forearms, use the hand guards only! Anyone who needs them, pm me. I did not like how my cover strips looked like when installing my Anovos forearms, I took a lot off at the corners. Since the Ata sheets are too white, I can use strip 39 (D) to make new ones. The reason why, is because the back thigh armor covers are not wide enough. So if best, recycle those strips that came with the kit and use as new cover strips, keeping the armor looking uniform and matching in color. This strip will also give me more to also fix the bicep cover strips. This way, the only things to me that will look off, but will be corrected with paint, lightly feathered, is the handguards, extended kidney plate, and the widen back cover strip of the rear thigh armor. Youtube is a great source for those who are in need of tips..sh*t I learned a lot about airbrushing Star Wars and Gundam kits and they have become amazing display pieces. But thanks to TK-11697 this was a better way for me to work on my thighs. I know it’s a WTF armor, but it’s going to be best for me to get these assembled. I am either need to be a 2 inch wide or 3 inch wide in the back, I am still awaiting my ABS sheets from Trooperbay.....except. USPS in Fresno shipped it to Oakland? Why does USPS in Fresno hate me so much? Every time! Really? In the meantime! Hope all is well! Until then!
  13. What’s the size of that cover strip?
  14. This weekend I didn’t get a chance to work on my armor. With the San Jose Sharks looking hot and I working in retail (full time grocery clerk) this weekend was the busiest week. Today I had to work 10 hours due to not having the right labor to cover me, so I had to close. UGH. So while my fiancé was was watching “Worst cooks in America,” I thought I get the thigh put together. More to come when I have the time!
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