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  1. @cheesewhoopy how was the progress on using the painters touch paint? I’m too having trouble with my kidney plate.
  2. So it has been 8/20 since my last post and yes, still fighting the kidney plate. I’m having issue with these small pits forming. I have filled them in at least more than four times and they are still there. Right side of Anovos Kidney Pits. Left side. More pits. I am at this point stuck. The paste is not working. I let the paste sit more than 48 hours, like a week or two so it can be cured as can be. Sand it down, and just to see more eyes sores on my progress on this build. What’s the alternative now?
  3. Working on the kidney. I also worked on removing the neck return edge and reshaping the back plate with all of everyone’s help! Thank you all! I posted this on the Anovos group page. Hoping to not get a snarky response which I do get from time to time. I have some pitting where both kidney and sheet meet. Should I continue to use abs paste or use bondo? I was thinking of using tamiya liquid surface primer as a filler. I have used this stuff with my model building and fills in gap really nicely, but I’m not sure how it will behave with movement. Or only it’s a filler, it’s white and if needed to paint, it won’t show as much as the bondo would with it’s brick like color.
  4. Test fit tonight, thanks to my love. We did our best to level the kidney the Ab plate tonight after dinner. (Above) As you can see on this picture the tape shifted. Left side ^ We measured about two inches on both sides. But I’m thinking I should have it to possibly 2 1/2 inches to 3. The tape shows it at 3, but it’s at 2. Below, the picture shows that I have gaps from my straps from Mr No Strips. Wondering what I can do with that issue, but no problem with the front straps. Also, my back plate is digging in to me. And my collar on my front chest plate is cracking, should some of these edges be taken off with the level 2 to 3 centurion? I want to be very comfortable on troops, as well as making it screen accurate. Stress cracks. “Nooooooooooooooooooooo”- Darth Vader
  5. something like that? For more flexibility?
  6. So I’m heading out to see The Lion King, this is what I have as of right now. The extended plate is at 3 1/2 inches for now because I want make proper measurements towards my final cut. The only part glued in is the shim. I used Trooperbays abs plates. I wished I was a little smarter keeping the scrap. But his abs is thick as you see in the picture. This is the material I will be using, plastic is easy to sculpt out. To make the material more flushed, wheat grit sand paper should I use and what’s a good finishing grit? should I add a return edge to match kidney and Ab?
  7. Is it necessary to add a return edge on to the extended kidney plate? Shimming and adding a 3 inches to my kidney plate.
  8. I went ahead and fix the shins. They look better since you pointed it out! Thanks !
  9. Here’s a good question, How much return edge is recommended on the shoulder bells?
  10. I just realized, shins seem to be off...maybe they aren’t mislabeled the whole time?
  11. Welp, gotta fix that one, no biggie. But I did see UKSWRATH reinforcement on those brackets, and going to wait after approval, and do the mods needed. Thanks for pointing that out!
  12. I’ll keep that in mind about the drop boxes. I have not made progress on the belt yet. But that will be next after the strapping. I been wanting to find somebody who can build me a ESB centurion belt, if not, my fiancé and I can try our best in to assembling the belt. I need a some tools to help me. Thank you for your help and suggestion.
  13. Hello, after a long hiatus waiting for my parts to come in from Imperial Boots, I finally gotten my Strapping kit and TK boots. Gorgeous! Then I officially went back to work on my suit! I have done a test fitting. Didn’t do any trimming at the front because it might fit to tightly if I trimmed? But here are the pictures from the mirror. As you see, my calves are big due to cycling and being on my feet for 8 hours a day for work. Went ahead and assembled. love those earth magnets! Finised product. The only thing last will be the back cover strips that where not glued on. I am going to do that after placing the bra straps when it’s time to do all the straps on the armor. I took off the the return edge of the sniper knee plate, lined it up the center as best as I can glued and clamped it, left alone for 48 hours. Now to start strapping the torso. My plan, is to completely strap the torso snap everything in, and to get a good measure in how much I need to shim my kidney to my Ab plate so, I have started the brackets, thank to UKSWRATH tutorial, they came out great! I have a lot of people saying this is bad due to how thin the armor is, for me I love it! Plastic is easy to repair. Keep tuning in....we have 393 days left to Star Wars Celebration!
  14. Hey guys! I’m still alive from this triple degree weather. I’ll update ASAP. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. So much to show you all! Hope to hear from you all soon!
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