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  1. Thanks bud sorry it has taken along time to respond back, I’ll post on the Anovos Facebook page today!
  2. Hopefully its great weather, not triple degree temperatures...lol I might need to rig a camelback to fit in place of the back armor for hydration.
  3. Friday will be my first troop day at Celebration. I’m “gitty!”
  4. Now I have more inspiration to getting all done, we have a long ways to go until Celebration, but I’m happy I gotten my 1st and Second day pass! Hope to meet you all!
  5. I saw a page where somebody shimmed but kept the second seam line. People say the Anovos is built for skinny people and I have some gap showing (thanks to all the cooking I like doing) But I am also getting back in shape. I’m wanting to not mod mine radically, as seen on some Anovos builds, so when i start shedding the pounds, I can trim off the shim, and when I no longer need that shim so that kidney can touch the Ab plate. With the scrap, while moving all my scrap was trashed (thanks hun) but I got some plate from Trooperbay for the meantime. It’s looks bright white, but won’t be noticeable only to me and builders.
  6. up next... kidney mod. Will have to widen it. Saw this post this week. Do they still allow this build on the kidney plate? Mind I do want to loose more weight, but I don’t want to heavily mod with a shim, and paste. Can anyone chim in? Also, whom do I ask for a commission on making my belt in to an ESB belt?
  7. Been a long week, with a family member having a heart attack and not having a day off since last Wednesday and yesterday being my day off, I gotten some stuff done. Minor stuff. I was going to go to my first armor party, but with my future mother in law having a heart attack and my fiancé dad having a triple degree temperature, there’s very little I can do. But here’s the minor things I did on my day off. Did some repairs on my biceps. I took some material off by mistake a long time ago, so I fixed it. (Somebody recommended what grits to use while sanding down ABS paste to a smooth touch?) Also rounded the coverstrips, didn’t like my angle cuts, looked like crap. Heres what they looked like before... I plan to dismantle the left arm, add the new cover strips, and repair my bicep. Yesterday purchased my boots and accurate straps from “Imperial Boots.” That will take four weeks to come in. That gives me time to get all the arms and thighs done minus shins, will wait when boots come in. In the meantime. Back to it before seeing Avengers today! One more to add, the clamshell handguards, tutorial how to cut them properly?
  8. If anyone is following my build? Does anyone, anyone have a comparison of the Rustoleum Painters Touch Semi gloss white next to raw white plastic?
  9. This Friday, getting my boots and accurate straps from Imperial boots. Saturday, will be my first armor party, so I don’t want to drag around a bbb In my truck and to a party and back. Was looking at one of these. Anybody have this one and where can I get foam to get it insulated? I have redone my back thighs tonight, and will be leaving them alone until Tuesday (48 hours). One question?....Magnets, what size earth magnets do you recommend and how many?
  10. Thank you, I was having sit over night, for 12 hours, I’ll do it again, let it sit more than just 8-12 hours. Since you’ve talked about trimming the edges, I was going to go and add a reinforced strip in the inner thighs as pictured. This might help keep the parts in place while I have to remove the cover strip. Hoping inside mods are accepted to keep leg and thigh armors sturdy during a troop.
  11. Any suggestions on how to fix this? The E6k is having issues with the lower butt side of the thigh. butt it’s starting to shape up. Will round the bottom coverstrips later.
  12. Thank you! I’m all great when it comes to forums. I make a mental note.
  13. Good morning everyone! Finished up my thighs this week. I’m having one issue. The left thigh. This is Anovos armor. I have cyclists thighs and really can’t do anything about trimming. The right looks better.
  14. Good morning everyone! Finished up my thighs this week. I’m having one issue. The left thigh. This is Anovos armor. I have cyclists thighs and really can’t do anything about trimming. The right looks better.
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