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  1. Hi Kyle. I'm in Waterdown, not horribly far from you. We have members in your region as well. I'd be happy to help out with your build. I'll PM you with details.
  2. Hi gang, I'm assembling an Anovos ANH stunt for a friend. My first build was an AP and I used the Trooperbay strapping system with the metal loops. Taking a look at the Anovos, I can't make heads or tails of the included strapping. Can anyone possibly send me an internal picture of an Anovos kit assembled? Thanks a ton!
  3. Hi Wayne. Fellow Canadian here. I pm'ed you.
  4. Sept 7th - Parry Sound Airport open house:
  5. Aug 30th - Toronto Blue Jays Star Wars Night. As one of the 2 TKs, I stood guard at the visitor's dugout and escorted the umpires onto the field.
  6. The RS helmet is gorgeous with the imperfections. I troop with a guy who has one on a regular basis and he's happy with his kit. That being said, I have an AP myself and have been pretty happy with it. I WOULD order an extra set or 2 of the shoulder straps as they take a lot of abuse and are prone to breaking. I think I got about 12 troops out of my first set, and others in my garrison have run into the same issue.
  7. Just a thought since you have nothing to lose - Have you tried Oxy-Clean?
  8. I can barely get my bucket on as it is. I can't imagine being able to get it over a set of goggles, as much as I'd love to have the better vision. I second the opinion of front-only being nice.
  9. If in doubt, 1 size up and throw in some insoles. I'm a 9 1/2 and ordered a 10 which fit nicely. They're super comfortable boots.
  10. If your helmet is being packed separately, you can get away with a lot of options. Personally I use a 50 gallon big-an impolite person bin like a lot of others. I pack a lot of repair crap as well, so I like having the extra space and a tray for tools, my chargers, a collection of patches/cards/stickers. Even my big camera bag will fit. as well as my son's Jawa. I'm hoping to be able to get my TK and my Tusken in there at the same time. Yes, it's heavy and awkward, and if you don't have a van/SUV then you're not taking it with you. As far as lugging it around, the vast majority of places are handicap accessible so I just use the ramps and elevators. I get a lot of great questions and conversations going as well.
  11. I'd also give the bin a quick sand and a really good cleaning to help improve adhesion. Definitely use a good primer, and the best quality paint you can afford. An airbrush would be ideal instead of commercial spray paint. Once you get it primed any issues with adhesion go away, as you're not trying to get paint that sticks to plastic any more. That opens up more choices. I'd even check with an auto-body repair shop in your area to see what they'd charge to do it.
  12. Personal use is usually not a problem. I'd always direct questions to my CO though to be safe. BTW those look awesome!
  13. I use USB fans and USB rechargeable power packs. You can literally run them for days on a charge. There are lots available on Amazon. There are also 12v batteries, but they are small and expensive. You'd go broke. The last option is to chain 8 AAs (or AAAs, or Cs, or Ds) together to get yourself 12 volts. Something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/abcGoodefg-Battery-Holder-Plastic-Storage/dp/B06ZZBX3H1/ref=sr_1_13?crid=1X9JUYBBGKV40&keywords=aa+battery+holder+with+switch&qid=1566915565&s=gateway&sprefix=AA+battery+hol%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-13
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