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  1. Dear fellow Legionnaires, Check out the Star Wars stories created by ID/TK-27888 from Nordic Garrison and ID-42742 from Dune Sea Garrison aka Cannon Fodder Comics, for free (at the moment). Together Marietta & Elly tell the real stories of Imperial troopers who tirelessly work to keep our galaxies safe. Enjoy!! ---------- You can also follow them in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/CannonFodderComics/ https://twitter.com/cannonfoddernet https://www.instagram.com/cannonfoddercomics/ https://www.instagram.com/mariettaart/ https://www.instagram.com/sneakybunyip/
  2. ...and a backpack. That is definately an ESB Dengar kit.
  3. Damian, RTA has copied every single detail and shape of the TM armour and now they call it their own. It's sad that you are in favor of recasting, it's revolting. Be a man, say no to recasting and buy the real thing.
  4. Hopefully you won't let them sell that stuff in your forums.
  5. Bloody thieves!! Hopefully PG Leader is man enough to advise polish troopers to stay away from RTA fake armour. SID, post a photo of your moulds.
  6. You should buy a kit and build it to your size. Buying a fully built kit very rarely fits you and modifying it will be more difficult.
  7. Same "feature/problem" here. I hate to start browsing the dates to see which threads I might have read already.
  8. Video was removed for some reason. I'll let you know when it is available again.
  9. Finnish Nordic Garrison's troopers (+ one rebel scum) in action. Viral video shot in the subway (= Metro) in Helsinki (Finland).
  10. Excellent, you've done what most of us have just thought!!
  11. Now I know why my neck seal took some time to get sewn.
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