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    Helmet Transport

    I got mine from Trooper Bay a couple years ago for $20. I just checked their site but couldn't find any helmet bags, so maybe they stopped selling them. It's just a black bag with white fleece interior made by Dowco.
  2. hupspring

    Bucket lens mounting.

    I made my own template by putting a piece of paper inside the helmet covering the eye holes, then use a pencil to trace the eye holes from the outside. Then you will have the shape of your eye holes on the paper. Just cut those out - you'll want to cut out a larger size than what you traced so that they will cover the eye holes and there will be enough room for screws. Test the cut out paper in the helmet to check the size. Then tape them to the lens and cut them out. I used tin snips which worked well to cut the lens.
  3. hupspring

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    I agree with Daniel. When I first started trooping I would spend up to a minute trying to get that lower strap to snap closed, but after a while I realized that the belt was holding it closed and I haven't bothered with that strap since.
  4. hupspring

    Looking for a Jacket for Patches

    I have several jackets, including a varsity jacket, hoodies, and track jackets, but the two I use the most are the Dickies and an old jean jacket. I also use a Dickies shirt for summer.
  5. hupspring

    Voice amp placement within armor?

    I got one of the Wireless Trooping Systems mics when they were selling them on the forums a couple years ago. I don't think they sell them anymore. The only issue I've ever had with it was accidentally pairing it with another trooper's mic when we apparently both turned them on at about the same time. I was just about to get on an elevator to the troop when I heard someone else talking through my speaker. Luckily it happened before getting on the elevator and not after I got off.
  6. I have a small pouch big enough for my phone and cash that is velcroed to my chest plate. It can be reached if I take my glove off.
  7. hupspring

    Voice amp placement within armor?

    I put the volume around half to 3/4. I think once I put it at full volume and did have some feedback.
  8. I've never got into vests but instead have jackets. I'm up to 5 jackets and one dickies shirt, all displaying patches I was close to buying a vest last year but at the last minute got another jacket instead!
  9. hupspring

    Voice amp placement within armor?

    I put mine right behind the ab button plate (I'm skinny and have a lot of room in my armor). I formed a piece of ABS and glued it on so that the speaker could clip onto it. I'm also using a bluetooth mic (the bluetooth receiver is in the picture). The extra velcro was when I had a larger wireless receiver and icomm which I don't use anymore.
  10. When I joined the legion I told myself I wasn't going to collect coins or pins. Since that time I've collected around 20 coins (although several of them were bought by my wife who is also in the legion). Rather than have them sit in a drawer I wanted to display them, so I got a display box and put it on the wall. I still keep a coin in my wallet and another in my helmet, always ready for that challenge.
  11. Contribution sent. Transaction ID 8AY879338L7162919
  12. hupspring

    We Need YOUR VOTE!

  13. I actually put a small pouch in my chest where most people put their speaker (my speaker is behind the ab button section). The first pouch I had was a cheap dollar store one and the zipper broke after the first troop I used it at, so my wife made me a pouch the size of my phone which has velcro sewed onto one side. I usually have my wallet and phone in it and I'm able to take the phone out when suited up if I take my glove off first. Of course you can't actually do this while trooping, but during down time if I want to take a picture I can do so. Most of the time it's not necessary to carry items in the pouch but some events the bin storage area isn't that secure, so it's more peace of mind to have them on me. Here's a picture of the old dollar store pouch that I first used. It's hard to see, but there is some velcro behind where the zipper handle is on both sides (when it's open and when it's closed) to prevent it from knocking against the chest and making noise.
  14. hupspring

    Helmet padding options

    I started with the hard hat liner but after about 30-40 minutes trooping, it would start to irritate my head. So then I tried the tactical padding, but that didn't work as well as I'd hoped - the bucket wouldn't always turn with my head turning if that makes sense. Then I tried some motorcycle helmet cheek pads, and those worked out great. They hug the sides of my head and now when I look left or right, the bucket moves with me. I still use some tactical padding on the back and forehead and some thinner padding on the top.
  15. hupspring


    I have padding, a wireless mic, hearing assist and usb battery pack all using velcro which is stuck to the plastidip and haven't had any issues with it yet. It's been around a year and a half since I put it all in. I didn't use cheesecloth though - just painted three coats of plastidip.
  16. hupspring

    Shins rising above boots

    This is what I do as well. I didn't want to add anything to my boots, and the stirrups just need a piece of velcro on the inside of the shins to attach to.
  17. hupspring

    Show your Star Wars Tattoo

    Just got a tattoo yesterday. Initially I was going to get the Imperial cog mashed up with another of my interests (the Wheel of Time) but decided to change it and add a stormtrooper helmet and my TK ID. The helmet is the same as in my profile picture, which was one of the first pictures taken of me in armor.
  18. hupspring

    Request your EIB Certificate here:

    Richard Boyda 17695 EIB letter size Tony http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/17695-eib.png
  19. hupspring

    hupspring's ANOVOS build

    Revisiting this build once again, I just wanted to add a little update. After one of my troops in October or November, I saw a picture of myself and I noticed how much extra room there was in my thighs. I knew about this before, but that picture made it obvious to me that I had to trim them down. Previously I had a piece of foam padding in the left thigh to stop the holster from pushing that thigh too far inward. After trimming it to fit better, I no longer need that padding. I took off the cover strips from the rear of both thighs and measured how much I needed to cut. I think I had to take close to 3 inches off the left thigh and about 2 inches from the right. Most of that removal was at the tops of the thighs since the bottoms were fitted much better. I had to cut new inner cover strips, using left over scraps from my wife's sandtrooper thighs. The outer cover strips were still usable (just make sure you are careful when pulling them off if you ever need to do this). This is how much plastic was removed. Here's a before and after shot of the thighs - although I forgot to take the 'before' shot before trimming and gluing together the left thigh. It's quite a difference. Now that the thighs are fitted better, I can actually walk much easier as well since the thighs aren't constantly rubbing against each other.
  20. hupspring

    hupspring's ANOVOS build

    I got my BBB Tuesday afternoon (1/26) so I can finally start my build! I've been reading build threads and researching since I ordered the kit back in April 2015, so I'm ready to dive right in. I've seen some comparison shots of the Anovos helmet with a few other brands, but I haven't seen any with an AP bucket yet. Anovos on left, AP on right. The first thing I did when I took everything out of the box was to put the helmet on (couldn't help myself). I don't know if I like the liner they used and may end up switching it out with padding. There were some issues with how they built it that I don't like, most notably the bad trimming on the ears (looks jaggedy) and a gap between the front faceplate and the back between the ears and rubber trim. The rubber trim is also not long enough, so the right side is goes to the end of the trap, but the left side falls a little short. The Anovos bucket is on the left in both pics. Overall I'm happy with the bucket since I got in at the Tier 1 price. I don't know if I'd pay the current price for the kit though. My helmet collection slowly grows. FX, Anovos, AP.
  21. This looks awesome and I'm definitely going to follow your progress. I like the idea of falling back to your standard vision in case the tech fails (usually at the worst possible moment). Would it be useful to have multiple views/screens? For example, you would have the standard screen with slightly extended peripheral vision, and then another screen below that which shows what is directly in front of your legs.
  22. I'd really love to see your vision improvement system - not necessarily widening the field of view, but being able to see directly in front/below you (where little kids and small obstacles like to ambush you).
  23. hupspring

    hupspring's ANOVOS build

    So I finally got around to changing out the interior of my bucket, going from the hard hat liner to padding. The military padding alone wasn't doing it for me, so I bought a motorcycle helmet liner that also came with cheek pads. The liner itself didn't fit that great, but it was perfect in my wife's helmet, so she got that for her padding. But I was able to use the cheek pads - after a bit of turning the pads in different directions, I found one that worked. I'm not sure how the cheek pads are actually supposed to sit in a helmet, but this way I'm able to slide the helmet on with earbuds on if necessary. I did remove the hearing assist for now, and I'm going to be ordering a fan bracket soon, so the look of the interior may change a little again. I also velcroed a challenge coin (still in a plastic sleeve) to the interior of my bucket just in case I get challenged while in armor. Better safe than sorry!
  24. hupspring

    Swag Toss

    I was going to take a picture tonight but totally forgot to get cookies