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  1. Not especially. I feel like a lot of my comradery with vets is based upon a shared experience of things that sucked, and the variations of it, as well as the positive experiences. Trooping and costuming is a fun hobby for me, so its a different set of associations.
  2. At this point all I am thinking at this point is I leave my ears big, it will distract from the smudge on my face!
  3. You are right, but it will always look *fine to me. It will get me through until I can get a replacement part or different bucket.
  4. Tell me it isn't as bad as my brain is making it out to be
  5. I glued in the chunk and smoothed things over with ABS paste. Sanded it down using 400 grit. From 10 feet its invisible. I have Novus polish on order, and hopefully that will help hide it a bit more.
  6. I didn't ruin it exactly. Just created an opportunity to improve my skills in a slightly dramatic and potentially expensive fashion. And busier then ever with non-costuming activities. Which is what I get when I sit down to try to make improvements
  7. I was removing the clips I had glued into my helmet in order to install my lenses using Sugru, and I goofed up bad. I tore a small hole out of the faceplate, just below the eye. The helmet is a Troopermaster ANH Hero helmet, that is 2mm with Acrylic capped ABS. Before I begin my repair, I wanted to ask some questions to the hive mind. Here are my options as I see them -I have the chunk with the missing piece still glued onto the clip. I could glue it back in place with the clip as a backing and maybe use some Novus polish to hide the edges of the hole (probably my best bet) -Do the above, but use ABS paste to fill in the gaps around the hole, stil using Novus polish -I could build up the area with ABS paste, gently sand it, and then use polish to help hide it Or do any of this without using polish at all. Thoughts?
  8. I think there was some scuttlebutt about making our own gaskets for those that don't want to die of heat exhaustion, slowly roasted in their own juices. Are their patterns available? Material recommendations? How-to's?
  9. Exquisite paint job on the helmet. Did you hand paint the tube stripes as well? A couple things I noticed. The gaps between your ab and back plate look pretty wide, like about 3 cm. Also, a detailed shot of the thigh ammo belt and sniper plate would be good in order to see how they are attached.
  10. Looks pretty sharp, I only saw a few minor things, nothing preventing you from EIB. Your shoulder spacing in the front looks a bit wide. there is a lot of black undersuit showing there. Also, your thighs look a little tall/high. I can see your thighs impacting your butt plate, which can't be comfortable or good for walking.
  11. Hrm. I have concerns about that holster. That will be fun to replace.
  12. Is that ANH Stunt helmet on the right (Mark's left) with ESB handguards? Other than that, what am I missing?
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