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  1. So I think about 4 or 5 months after I posted this, I decided to start collecting coins. My case on the wall soon lost the patches and pins and became dedicated to coins. Then I had to add another case, and a few months later, a third. My wife won't let me put any more cases on the wall, so everything else is in a binder. I mostly display Detachment and Garrison coins (and anything to do with my Garrison's squads) as well as one case dedicated to mostly Disney.
  2. Very cool idea, I'd love to see a working example! The cost is too much for me, but I also don't need to see 360 degrees around me. I would be happy with just a simple view in front of me. Does you set up completely block the normal view out of the helmet lenses? One issue I would be concerned with is the tech failing mid troop and not being able to see anything.
  3. I got mine from Trooper Bay a couple years ago for $20. I just checked their site but couldn't find any helmet bags, so maybe they stopped selling them. It's just a black bag with white fleece interior made by Dowco.
  4. I made my own template by putting a piece of paper inside the helmet covering the eye holes, then use a pencil to trace the eye holes from the outside. Then you will have the shape of your eye holes on the paper. Just cut those out - you'll want to cut out a larger size than what you traced so that they will cover the eye holes and there will be enough room for screws. Test the cut out paper in the helmet to check the size. Then tape them to the lens and cut them out. I used tin snips which worked well to cut the lens.
  5. I agree with Daniel. When I first started trooping I would spend up to a minute trying to get that lower strap to snap closed, but after a while I realized that the belt was holding it closed and I haven't bothered with that strap since.
  6. I have several jackets, including a varsity jacket, hoodies, and track jackets, but the two I use the most are the Dickies and an old jean jacket. I also use a Dickies shirt for summer.
  7. I got one of the Wireless Trooping Systems mics when they were selling them on the forums a couple years ago. I don't think they sell them anymore. The only issue I've ever had with it was accidentally pairing it with another trooper's mic when we apparently both turned them on at about the same time. I was just about to get on an elevator to the troop when I heard someone else talking through my speaker. Luckily it happened before getting on the elevator and not after I got off.
  8. I have a small pouch big enough for my phone and cash that is velcroed to my chest plate. It can be reached if I take my glove off.
  9. I put the volume around half to 3/4. I think once I put it at full volume and did have some feedback.
  10. I've never got into vests but instead have jackets. I'm up to 5 jackets and one dickies shirt, all displaying patches I was close to buying a vest last year but at the last minute got another jacket instead!
  11. I put mine right behind the ab button plate (I'm skinny and have a lot of room in my armor). I formed a piece of ABS and glued it on so that the speaker could clip onto it. I'm also using a bluetooth mic (the bluetooth receiver is in the picture). The extra velcro was when I had a larger wireless receiver and icomm which I don't use anymore.
  12. When I joined the legion I told myself I wasn't going to collect coins or pins. Since that time I've collected around 20 coins (although several of them were bought by my wife who is also in the legion). Rather than have them sit in a drawer I wanted to display them, so I got a display box and put it on the wall. I still keep a coin in my wallet and another in my helmet, always ready for that challenge.
  13. I actually put a small pouch in my chest where most people put their speaker (my speaker is behind the ab button section). The first pouch I had was a cheap dollar store one and the zipper broke after the first troop I used it at, so my wife made me a pouch the size of my phone which has velcro sewed onto one side. I usually have my wallet and phone in it and I'm able to take the phone out when suited up if I take my glove off first. Of course you can't actually do this while trooping, but during down time if I want to take a picture I can do so. Most of the time it's not necessary to carry items in the pouch but some events the bin storage area isn't that secure, so it's more peace of mind to have them on me. Here's a picture of the old dollar store pouch that I first used. It's hard to see, but there is some velcro behind where the zipper handle is on both sides (when it's open and when it's closed) to prevent it from knocking against the chest and making noise.
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