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  1. I did that on my very first troop, but someone happened to be sitting in the chair.
  2. I have both TK Boots and Imperial Boots and replaced the insoles of both. I found the original insoles for both to be pretty thin and uncomfortable. I much prefer the TK Boots as they are wider and fit better for me. Both pairs are size 12 (I wear size 11 but have wide feet) and although the length of both boots are fine, the Imperial Boots are narrower and squeeze my toes. I have other boots from Imperial Boots - TIE pilot and Tank Trooper (also size 12) - and they are fine in the width, but the TK version are much narrower. Here's a picture of the TK Boots (on the left side) and Imperial Boots (on the right side) right shoe. The front of the boot is much tighter, as is the opening at the top down to the ankle.
  3. POST 67 Anaheim Ducks game at the Honda Center, December 11, 2016 Southern California Garrison 1. Weird Al Yankovic's Return of the Mandatory Fun Tour at the Hollywood Bowl, July 22, 2016 Photo by Shawn Crosby Southern California Garrison SL-27500, TK-6682, TK-17695, TK-21808, TK-33733, TK-36666, TK-52227, TK-90277, TK-92886 2.
  4. Another option in case you need more: I made a little bracket from ABS which I bent on both sides and glued inside the ab section. The speaker then clips onto the middle section. There is also room in there for the extra cabling. When I had an icomm, it was velcroed onto a part of the bracket that was glued down.
  5. I dedicated a shelf on a display case for FISD coins. It's my favorite shelf
  6. A prototype would be awesome. Ideally it would be small enough to be contained within the helmet, but I don't know if that would be possible. My coworker has been playing around with a lot of VR headsets and one of them has several cameras on it so when you wear it, you are still able to see the environment around you (although it was in black and white). I wonder if something like that would be possible (if so I can't imagine it being cheap). This would be very cool to have - how many times have you been at a troop looking for a particular trooper or trying to organize the troopers for a picture, but people can't hear you or are too far away.
  7. 10. Anaheim Public Library AnaCon - 2018.02.11
  8. 9. Winter Formal at The Richard Nixon Library & Museum - 2018.01.20
  9. 8. Fun 4 Kids Preschool Open House - 2017.05.19 Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures for this troop.
  10. 7. Anaheim Library Comic Con - 2017.02.18
  11. 6. Anaheim Ducks Star Wars Day - 2016.12.11 This was the first troop that my son attended as a little jawa. More people wanted to take pictures with him than me.
  12. 5. Down Syndrome Buddy Walk - 2016.10.23 This is the only picture of the troop that I could find. This happened after the troop and was taken for a contest that Albin had going. I believe this picture won.
  13. 4. Fullerton Public Library Summer Reading Volunteer Appreciation Party - 2016.07.30
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