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  1. the biceps look fine to me, perhaps its because they are being worn incorrectly in the photo, the cover strips must face forward, same with the forearms
  2. I can see the four on each side, look closely it just seems to be quite a soft pull. If you cant see it surely you can feel the fourth with your finger.
  3. Looking awesome, as a fellow sandy how did you attach the shoulder ammo pouch without the backpack straps?
  4. stay away from origionalstormtrooper or SDS armor if possible
  5. For the forearm allign the elbow ends and trim the wrists
  6. Oh, interesting! Great build so far!
  7. With the right thigh you could allign the top as the ammo box covers the mis alligned bottom
  8. seems you have the arms on the wrong arms, the left arm has the indent in the bicep and flaring raised bit detail on the shoulderbell, easy fix! looking good tho!
  9. with the right leg align at the top! the ammo box will cover up the mis-alignment at the bottom.
  10. brow looks great, its mostly about personal preference if you want it low or high, they were all over the place in the movies
  11. I got a bapty e11 from felice, it is very awesome i like it more than my rs e-11
  12. Awesome i think it should be ok for police officer status (level 2) but not for swat (level 3) which looks super hard to get haha!
  13. Awesome, did you also grt the field pack? And which blaster did you get? I have their resin dlt19 its a beauty and also screws in half for super convienient storage!
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