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  1. BTCost74

    Helmet Transport

    Thanks, glad to know it will work!
  2. BTCost74

    Helmet Transport

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264005229719 I was thinking about these, but specs say 27cm high or 30cm high, which may be to short.
  3. BTCost74

    Helmet Transport

    What brand helmet bag, if you remember?
  4. Not sure if this is the correct place, but couldn't find anywhere else for it. I want to know how, or what is the best (and safest) method to transport your Helmet. I know most people store it in the bins, if there is room, but for Troopers with smaller bins they can't fit the helmet. What cases/bags do others use. I was looking at a couple of Motorcycles helmet cases, but they seem too short (27cm to 30cm heigh). Thanks.
  5. BTCost74

    BTCOST74's ANH TK STUNT build thread

    Order placed for screen accurate strapping from ImperialBoots.com.
  6. I can't wait to start the build!
  7. BTCost74

    My Brown Box Came!

    Looking good, just need to relocate your drop boxes. They should be near the edge of the plastic ammo belt.
  8. BTCost74

    Sean’s AM 2.0 stunt build

    I recently received my AM 2.0 ANH Stunt BBB, this build thread is going to help me a lot. I am definitely going to be referencing this during my build!
  9. BTCost74

    First full dress up ANH Stunt TK

    Looks like you are going ANH Stunt, if so then you want to replace the holster straps (attached to belt) with tan leather strap. Also your rivet caps on the belt are kind of thick, may need trimming.
  10. Have not posted in a while. Several weeks ago my BBB from AM 2.0 arrived, as did my black Chelsea boots, and bracket strap kit. My goal it to be 100% screen accurate ANH Stunt TK. Just waiting to order the strap kit from Imperial boots.
  11. BTCost74

    BTCOST74's ANH TK STUNT build thread

    Thanks for the info, appreciate that. Now I understand.
  12. BTCost74

    BTCOST74's ANH TK STUNT build thread

    My armor arrived rather quickly. I ordered the screen accurate bracket system. Just have few questions. Been recently watching TrooperBay's TK build on YouTube. He is the only one I have seen use 3in thigh elastics, yet this is also on the RS model in What We Know About Strapping Thread. Why doesn't the Centurion level require this? Next, is it better to go Newey Hook and elastic on the shins or velcro? Lastly, why does it appear on the RS TK, seen in the "What We Know About Strapping" section, does it appear the strap brackets are bolted facing out and not on a return edge???
  13. BTCost74

    New to Armor! How is AM?

    Victor is the guy running AM 2.0. I got my armor from him. Fast shipping. Good for us larger guys and gals. Just need time to build
  14. BTCost74

    ANH Boots question

    I am going the same route. Already got the boots. One suggestion, don't use acetone on leather..it will dry it out and cause cracks. If you are buying leather boots there are several products made for changing the color with paint. One is a specific leather recolor prep solution. My boots are "Man Made Materials", which acetone should be okay with. Good luck
  15. BTCost74

    Is the following armor accepted

    Guaranteed Legion approval!!!NOT!
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