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  1. Oh that's a great idea, I may have to try that myself thank you
  2. So recently been tinkering around with a pyle pro 50w amp in conjunction with troopertalk. Functionality is great but not sure where to place the speaker system, thinking of putting velcro in the chest (front or back? not sure). But it would be drowned out from the undersuit, is it possible to clip the speaker on the canvas belt? If anyone has any threads that discuss this please send me them thank you so much!
  3. Quick fan build that took me about an hour to build. Bought a 5 pack of 40mm fans for about 8 bucks on amazon. Used a spare power bank I had lying around and just rewired everything accordingly. It was pretty fun to build as well [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure why this is but the picture i uploaded is not visible. Plus my build thread isnt showing in the recently updated. Am I not aware of a system change? *edit* Well, got my way around imgur
  5. It's been a while, but after some personal life stuff i was able to finish my kit! The only major modification i had to was to separate the cod and attach to the ab plate via velcro. It's working out well so far! Just sent in my application/ pictures peep that cheapo rubies blaster tho lolol
  6. I was too tempted to not try everything on...seems to be a lot of adjusting to be done in terms of mobility and accuracy. But for the first time putting this on by myself im a bit proud Next things on deck are to finished belt assembly and hopefully finish the lower pieces by next week!
  7. *sigh of relief* we're back...I felt so isolated and without ukswrath's build thread I felt empty inside lol! Since my last update I decided to trim and prep most of the armor pieces lying around ( I also put 2 male snaps on the ab plate for the belt, Thank you to Redforce for helping me out and going out of your way to send me some parts to make my life easier! Will finish the belt as soon as those guys come in) Finally mustered up the courage to glue the forearms together. Will be following Mandy and Anthony's advice to reinforce each cover strip with another one behind it While trimming the thigh pieces I made sure to alllocate some scrap plastic for the forearm, here are my ghetto cover strips lol Here's the finished TD, probably the most straight forward build out of all of these part so far LOL ( Im kinda a worried about how big gaps are between the middle and end caps. Maybe it's just me?) Today i'm planning on glueing the front thigh pieces in order to size correctly, prep the torso for strapping and reinforcing the forearms after the first side has cured. Updates coming soon!
  8. [emoji23][emoji23] it does kinda look like it's squashed I was planning on only using anovos supplied cover strips but It seems I need more for a better look. Where could I find flat abs sheets? I'll go ahead and google it out. Heatgun also sounds like a interesting fix but knowing my luck I'd rather not try hehe. Well at least right now, maybe later like you had brought up! I should be getting another set of clamps tomorrow morning so I'll call it a day haha thanks so much [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Wow thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. Your build thread is friggin crazy I'll be referencing frequently for sure [emoji1431] I'm going to figure out the forearms then I'll tackle the cod issue. Not sure if this is normal but after trimming down to size I noticed one of the ends looks more like an " ()" rather than a "O" for its overall shape. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. So today was a somewhat productive. I finished tailoring my right forearm and still researching how to correctly trim the thighs. They seem a little too long, or the cod piece sits too low, either one. Shout out to Redforce for reassuring my nervous butt about cutting the forearms haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I'm 5'7 and 135-140. My torso is a short but I have long limbs to make up for it.Mandy's method of cutting the cod from the ab plate is pretty smart. I was thinking of cutting the top portion because that could be easily hidden with the chest piece. Still thinking [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Ah yes im using e6000 for the parts.
  13. Would you be able to link me to some threads about trimming for short peeps? My torso is pretty short but my arms and legs make up for it. Not sure if my biceps are too big/tall, I'd put on both but the other one is still drying lol the one in the picture isn't strapped in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for checking my build thread I really appreciate it! I'd say I'm 5'7 and 135 pounds. Hopefully I can find some time to visit Sunday I'll let you know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. After 9 months of waiting,my bbb has finally arrived. I swear I can see plastic scraps in my sleep now [emoji23] so after some long trimming and looking at some build threads I've made some progress, my main concern right now is tailoring the armor pieces. I finished the biceps already I hope I trimmed enough to my size. I left an roughly an inch around the bicep just in case my arms were to get bigger in the future. Main concerns are tailoring forearms and tailoring the ab plate because it hangs way below my crotch which shouldn't be good. Also, the lower back portion of the armor looks really wide, not sure how to fix this. I'd appreciate any feedback! [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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