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  1. If you have a Facebook account you can follow her antics on AZminiTK. That is a page made just for her and her trooping. She mentioned she would like a Million likes. I told her I didn't think that was quite possible, but a girl can dream.
  2. Final day of fitting and completion of armor. Friday 5/1/15. Her first troop will be on May the 4th. Some final prep work on belt. Thighs and Shins are all prepped and ready. Armor is painted, all put together and ready for belt. My daughter is getting anxious. If she only knew the pain this armor will cause her during her trooping. LOL Legs came out good. Just some small adjustments. Had to put some velcro on the tops of the boots and the bottoms of the shins to keep them from rotating outwards. Torso getting snapped together. So far so good. And all the armor is on at last. She didn't want to wear the neck seal as it was pulling her hair. We will put it up in a ponytail for the trooping. And "No", she cannot get her own helmet off. Well, there you have it. After over 6 months of waiting due to work, moving, traveling, and generally just life, It only took the better part of 2 weeks to get this all together. She does have an iComm system that she wants to use all the time and even in school, which she is banned from doing. Thanks to Mike Culp from the DSG for his fanatical approach to this project. To Tristan Moriuchi for helping with my own kit. To my wife for putting up with my "silly habit", and my kids for "not really having a choice of whether they like Star Wars or not". And to WALT, the man of the hour. This kit rocks. If anyone has any doubts about getting one of these for your kids, don't hesitate to do it. Now all my kids want one. And the neighbors kids, and so on.
  3. The next 3 days we split up and tackled different things. Culp was able to get most of the armor put together at his house and I kept having things arrive at my house to finish the build. Here is the armor almost finished. Culp was very impressed with the kit. As you can see in the background he has a few kits of his own. Another size comparison Some work on the holster. Which was built by a member here on FISD at about 75% size. Fits a Hasbro blaster perfectly. Again, a size comparison to another full size kit that is almost done as well. Yes Dads armor was finished first. Awe. Such a cut little thermal detonator. Painting all done on ab buttons. ANH spec. Meanwhile back at my house I was getting some different things ready. Thanks to the spectacularly fast work of Rob Kittell and such. Boots arrived. Size 2 US. They don't make them in white. Prepped for painting. And now they are the correct color. Hmm. Maybe another Mini TK for the Zombie walk this year. What do you think Walt?
  4. All the strapping was put in place and my daughter got to start trying things on. This was a complete pain in the a very impolite person. Only after almost being done did he give me the advice to do the ends last. Helmets are finished up. Like father like daughter. :-) Another shot to see the size comparison Her first try on. Although, that helmet looks a little off. Any ideas??? Shoulder bells added to the equation. Some tape to hold the biceps and arms on. I'm really not sure what the face is all about. But she was having a great time. And the real helmet on. Finally getting to the thigh and shin armor. We did have to take off quite a bit to get these to fit snug. That's the end of the night. Time to get her home and get yelled at by the wife for being an hour late home on a school night. The things we do for our daughters.
  5. The build is to the "Centurion" standard. Mike was very meticulous about how this went together. Believe it or not, that drill actually plugs into the wall socket. I haven't seen one of those since....??? Got to make those holes smooth for the buttons. Side holes done All the holes were drilled and the mounting brackets were placed. Everything lined up really nice in the end. Shoulder bells round out the day.
  6. After some trimming the armor spent minimal time on the belt sander. Tried to get a nice straight edge to work with.
  7. Does anyone know how to rotate pictures that are uploaded? Seems they only want to go into Landscape.
  8. I finally had some free time and some great assistance (Culp did most of the build) to put together a Mini TK for my daughter that I bought from Walt. I originally purchased it for my oldest son, but he grew about 6" in 6 months, so now it is my daughters. I want to thank the DSG for helping me out with this project. I would also like to give props to Walt for this awesome kit which will keep my 2 youngest happy for the next few years hopefully. This is her bucket next to the one I'm building for myself. No decals were harmed in the making of this build. All painting was done by the steady hands of Mike Culp
  9. Can I just have a running tab with your kids armor. I keep letting my children see these posts by accident and it keeps costing me money. Let me know when they are available. Mike
  10. Hey Walt; Just a quick note to thank you for this wonderful project. I am currently building this for my oldest Son. Although my daughter seems to be more enthralled with my work on it than he is. She will have her chance in a few years. As I have been working on this I was wondering if you or any other members here would know where I can get "kids size" stormtrooper boots and a smaller holster to hold an non-converted Hasbro blaster. Just hoping to be pointed in the right direction. Oh, and for the "pay if forward" crowd. As soon as my 3 are done using this I do plan on giving it to another Dune Sea Garrison member, or someone in need of some cheering up. Mike
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