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  1. Thanks again for doing this contest! It was great meeting you and your wife! Glad to hear you had a good time and made it back safely
  2. Name: Patrick Obloy Item: Cooling Number: 18 Thanks!
  3. Agreed, thank you for doing this run Joseph! Excited to get them in our hands Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  4. Basically you would follow the ROTJ TK CRL and then do the paint work. So you could use ANH armor, but some armor parts would have to be modified or changed.
  5. Agreed. The FN designation is used more in TFA than any other designation in Star Wars movies and people want to disregard it? It seems like people just don't want a new designation for simply hating change. It makes sense though. And also agreed that with as many new outfits coming in it would be faster and easier to create a new designation for them to help separate between OT and NT (new trilogy) outfits. If we stick with TK there is going to be the issue of separation when creating and applying for events where we would have to call out outfits types, do we just stick with FOTK and TK? Would be easier to just be able to ask for FN or TK instead. And for those that have both OT TK and FO TK, I would think it would be nicer to be able to have a separate designation for them. I know when I end up with my approved FOTK outfit I would rather go by FN for that one than just simply continue the TK designation again. Same for those that have TS outfits and also get the new FO Snowtrooper outfit. Would be nicer to call them something like FS instead of FOTS. Better to use a new designation rather than call ALL new outfits that also exist in the old trilogy as FO(insert existing designation) all the time. As TJ (asu_marine) said, you want to just call them TK like the ones from 30 years previous, but Sandies get a new title because of dirt? Come on guys, it just makes sense and helps separate the new outfits from the OT ones. I do agree on leaving detachments alone though. With new designation (a simple change) it allows the new outfits to fit into the existing detachments very easily.
  6. Yeah I don't know how it all went down when the Clone existed, as I wasn't around for that, so no clue how this will go either. Just makes sense from a structure standpoint. And we are really early in the process, so it wouldn't be a big deal to do it. They would still be 501st, just on a different forum and different detachment name instead of FISD/whitearmor.
  7. Also true. Considering Vader is gone and the Stormtroopers are being continued under new order (and not one that follow's Vader), do they stay in the FISD or get a new detachment? I'm ok with new detachment honestly, as the Clones have their own detachment. And it would help separate the information with all the variations that exist and may exist in the future.
  8. I also thought I heard the TK-338 thing, but I can't be certain. Need to see it again and listen really close. Likely answer is as someone said before, TKs from the empire keeping their designation and new ones (like Finn who were basically trained their from birth) got the FN designation. Also they were talking to the 338 trooper as if they were a higher rank, so might be another thing to consider. ​Honestly even if true, I think a new designation would be better. I think it should be FN
  9. I plan to do this when my Anovos armor arrive. I'd love to help with the CRL as well, as I've been wanting to do this build as well. I've scoured high-res in-game pictures and while playing the game itself (on PC at full resolution and max settings). I put together a write-up (along with annotated pictures) and will send it to Darth Aloha. I used my ATA armor as a basis for measurements and referred to the CRLs of the ROTJ armor as well. Let's make this happen! BTW I wouldn't base any work on the Black Series figure. That's from an ANH TK mold and of course won't have precise measurements.
  10. Thanks everyone! Its awesome to finally be a part of the 501st and hop to start trooping soon! Fumanchewie - Yeah, I'll probably attempt to thin them out a bit at some point. Just have to get the nerves up to do it.
  11. Requesting 501st access for TK-42215 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18667
  12. Got my congratulations email, I'm officially in the 501st! Now just waiting on my TKID so I can register into the 501st forums and get trooping!
  13. And here are pictures after trooping on Saturday of Star Wars Celebration (I think a chest plate snap had unsnapped which is why it looks off center lol). Also, I submitted for approval last week (a couple days after SWCA)
  14. Sorry for the delay in updates, but here's some pictures during the rest of the armor build... I messed up the tube stripes and had to some paint remove to clear it off the best I could. My fiancée is better at painting details and so she was able to fix it for me. (this was after the paint mask was remove and I applied the paint remover to clean it up) This side didn't come out great either, but with some light picking and light dabs of paint remover I was able to clear it up. (this is right after the paint mask was removed) The paint was fixed up at the hotel Friday night of Star Wars Celebration so I could troop on Saturday.
  15. I'd love to stop in with my fiancée after the JAT/Hamill panel, but I don't have a TK racing shirt. I heard they were only available to official 501st.
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