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  1. The v shaped cuts in the lower left corner are for better mobility. All versions are acceptable from what I've read.
  2. I don't think its the wait that people have a problem with so much as the lack of communication. I can even understand not emailing back to every inquiry they get, but they should at least be up front at the time of ordering by having a note or warning message that it may take 4-6 weeks for delivery. When you buy something online these days you expect relatively quick shipment unless you're told otherwise up front. So, when no warning is given and it takes 4-6 weeks with no response to email inquiries people understandably get a bit edgy since they're on the edge of not being able to recoup the money for non shipment of goods.
  3. If you want EIB or centurion then you blaster has to meet the minimum requirements of that level. An over spec blaster is fine for any level though.
  4. One more item, it looks like you helmet is riding really high, might want to remove some padding or reposition it to bring it down some.
  5. WalMart has dritz snaps at something like $5 per 7 snaps and each package includes a basic tool. I almost wonder if that link above is a mistake because its crazy cheap.
  6. Target has champion branded stuff too. Top and bottom ran me about $20/ea. Might be hard to find long sleeves in the store this time of year though.
  7. One more thing, if you're looking for threads by a given user then tapatalk is quite good. Click on the user to see their profile and you get a list of all threads they've started and replied to.
  8. I ordered the bass amsterdams as well and had the same issue. I'd advise against these
  9. I tore apart the butt/kidney and removes the snap plates from the ab and kidney last night. I'll try and get things reassembled in the next day or two and post some more photos. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I think it's due to the belt riding low on the kidney. Because my belt tends to sit on the bottom of the kidney it digs into the space between the butt/kidney and acts as a pivot point which pulls the top of the kidney away from my body a bit. I've tried large gaps and small gaps between the two plates. Large gaps cause the current issue plus the butt plate bulges out a bit while small tends to limit the issue more at the expense of a larger back/kidney gap while leaving the issue on the side. I'm really not sure what to do about this one.
  11. The onsite search seems to work better when a date range is plugged in, but as mentioned it's often easier to just use google.
  12. ATA would be a stretch for you. I'm 6'2" and about 200 and my T/MC kit which is similar to ATA is beyond its limits for what looks proper. If you go ATA expect gaps at the knees, elbows, shoulder/bicep, back/kidney, etc... You'll also likely need shims depending on your waist size. Check my thread in the ANH section for an idea what you might be up against.
  13. Tried that, the belt rides low the and causes the kidney to angle out even worse. Not sure how to solve that one.
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