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  1.  TKID Decal Kit for Tote box for Armor. let me know if these are still available . thx

  2. Love it ! The only time I put it down last night was to charge it .. LOL Video I shot using voice commands: https://www.facebook.com/joe.gannascoli/videos/10207561209731186/?l=5108608064626504487
  3. Welcome Adam! Was that you and your wife at Maker Faire in GB costumes ?
  4. Hello Michele ! As Ed stated we will be at the Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum on July 25th and 26th. There you will be able to see what goes into building your kit and to meet most of the Great Lakes Garrison members. Welcome aboard !
  5. As Sylverbard said, NOVUS polish and even Meguiar's Car Polish works great as well.
  6. Are you going to Comic Con this weekend ?
  7. Here is my Helmet with Plasti-Dip and CheeseCloth :
  8. Yea.. Flat is No Bueno ... ( since its Cinco De Mayo )
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