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  1. Looking great brother! can't wait till you start trooping with us Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  2. Don't know if this has been discussed yet but I'll just drop it here. From leaked images of the new visual dictionary the new blast rifle carried by fo troops is the F-11D Just saw another post with this info please don't slam me[emoji15]
  3. Congrats your kit looks good Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  4. I'm 38 and for see trooping in my life for a long time. I have two daughters 7 and 6 the older is a jawa in the galactic academy and constantly asks me "daddy when do we get to do another starwars day" and the younger well she just wants to be Elsa. I got my wife into it as well and needless to say they all seem to tolerate my obsession. Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  5. That might be a question for a gml the info I got is accessible to any legion member via the main 501st forum click the link on the left side member db then costume totals a graph will then pop up click on the graph for that corresponding costume and a break down will be displayed for stats but no dates or actual member names . It's similar two the info that was on the 501st main page three or four years ago Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  6. For reference there are 2507 ANH stunt total which 175 are listed as female and another 270 with out sex info in their profile Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  7. It looks like there are 15 approved as of today Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  8. You are making great progress ! Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  9. I have a mtk and a 35 in waist 37 around the belly button 5'9" 190 lb and I trimmed about 1 in all around both sides ab and kidney . And if my memory serves me right the helmet video is a te2 bucket hipps not the current mtk but not much different . If you want to see my Kit check my eib submission. As for the combo working I don't see any reason why not just remember that there are lots of shades of white and different makers buy from different plastic suppliers just my 2 cents Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  10. That seems like an older version the paint is pretty much right your just missing the detail in the three dice looking buttons and the single dot dice should have five dots like the one next to it.
  11. Just a heads up the Stanley box has been discontinued and been replaced by a Dewalt version Dewalt is a subsidiary of ( Stanley black and decker) it's around $ 80 heavy and not worth it . The Huskey is the best box imho . With its sealed Handel channels and weather stripping around the lid contents should stay dry if in the back of a truck and weather is poor. Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  12. This is going to be more than a build , it's going to be a tutorial great detail buddy Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  13. Great advice ! Sent from my TK comlink via Holonet
  14. I like the weathering. Its shows up good in photos ,I'm guessing in person it really pops.
  15. woo hoo ! Thank You Steve, Tony and Ruben. Also thank you to everyone that has a build thread posted, cause I read just about every one. I will work on the suggested mods while i procure a more suitable blaster for the next level. And I look forward to serving the empire and trooping with all my brothers and sisters in white armor!
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