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  1. Depends on the kit you order. Mark can trim the armour for you at an extra charge, or it will come untrimed. Things you will need for higher level approvals: Rubber S trim, inner drop boxes, darker lens material, rubber gloves, latex or rubber hand guards , Centurion approvable rivet kit ( Echo, here on the boards can supply the rivets) Various elastic widths for strapping. You will need to decide on which strapping method suits you. Thermal detonator clips, also available here or make your own. TK boots, or buy black boots and colour them... Sorry, I have assumed you didn't know any of th
  2. Lol, I love your attitude and all is good, I was only joking when I said shorten it up a little. Fact is FISD is made up of people with big personalities and differing opinions, it's what makes this place so great, but there is a common thread. We all love Star Wars, and we all love what the 501st stands for. We bring joy to people's lives and do our best to make a difference, the bonus is, we dress up like Stormtroopers and get a part of our childhood back as part of the deal.
  3. How is echos fan set up wired? I have 2 5v fans 2 switches and 2 x AAx2 battery packs, would like it to run like Echos where i can isolate 1 fan if needed or run both. A diagram would be awesome as i think it would help many others out.
  4. Exciting times are ahead, good luck with the next 24 hrs
  5. Make sure you look at plenty of reference shots from the movies as well, don't just rely on build threads, everything you need is on FISD . Looking good so far , I agree with Sith Lord, file out the teeth a little more and square up the corners.
  6. I would have to agree with TK Bondservnt, very nice so far and looking forward to seeing the bucket complete.
  7. G'day Alq Veers, how's the weather down in Newcastle. Get stuck into that build mate, plenty of help for every step of the way is found here on FISD
  8. G'day Scrim, welcome to the wonderful world of shiny white FISD
  9. G'day, and welcome to the world on shiny white
  10. Good to know Slangen. KWDesigns does inner drop boxes that fit AP and are well priced.
  11. Welcome Andrew, you are in good hands here
  12. Smokes, he wrote an essay! Welcome Dan to the world of shiny white. FISD is your new home and everyone is here to help, just shorten it up a little Lol
  13. Yes he does take payments, normally a $200 deposit
  14. What is wrong with the drop boxes?
  15. G'day Andrew, first I must say, what a great name. This is your new life, welcome and let the fun begin. Everything you need can be found in these forums, ask questions, research, research , research .
  16. We all felt daunted by the prospect of building armour. There are plenty of people here in FISD that can guide you every step of the way. One line I here repeated often in these forums is, "most mistakes are fixable", so, in saying that, you would be better off, doing your research and buying armour from a vetted maker here on FISD. It seems the ebay guy is not forth coming with answers to your questions. This rings alarm bells to me. If you are going to do it, do it the right way and avoid sellers on evil bay .
  17. Welcome to the FISD, you are in good hands here
  18. Awesome, I can't wait to have that feeling on my first troop
  19. Always inspiring to see bad guys doing good, looks like it was a gratifying troop. Excellent work
  20. Hi F1Guy AP is in Canada, he ships to his business partner in the US and then he in turn ships out from there. Apparently international shipping direct from Canada is far more expensive to ship direct, so he uses Canada-US-to where ever to save on costs. I am in Australia and have been waiting about 4 weeks so far for a shipping notice from USPS. Hope this helps
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