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  1. Congrats, Andrew! Looking forward to another awesome year!
  2. Congrats, Andrew! Looking forward to another amazing year in the World of White!
  3. Yes, I do. And proudly displaying 10963 on the counter! Awesome! It is one of the 501st's favorite troops. We have so many troopers attend and we even get to add festive additions to our armor Hopefully we can get to help you on your path to the 501st and you can join us!
  4. He beat me to it. Makaze Squad is an outstanding group of Troopers! I'm in the Tampa Bay Squad and we often troop together. In fact, my second TK troop was with justjoseph63 for the Clermont Christmas Parade. I have plenty of close friends in Makaze. Both our squads have a regular Armor Party to get together to build costumes, to help each other out, or just to talk. Let us know what you decide and we can help get you on the right track!
  5. Can't wait to troop with you, Brother, in our shiny whites!
  6. Hey, John! Welcome to the World of White! What part of Florida do you live in? We have five Squads covering all of the Florida Garrison and plenty of Stormtroopers in each. Also, which costume are you interested in?
  7. I need to use a smaller Sterilite 16 gallon footlocker bin from Wally World to fit in my small trunk. Like other's have said, being creative with packing it all up is key. I've heard it described as being just like Tetris.
  8. I just found them on Amazon. Look for "Double Cap Rivets" . Some of the kits they offer have different sizes. A couple layers of ABS is probably around 1/16"
  9. WoooooHooooooo! Congrats, Rob! Glad to have another EIB in the Squad.
  10. Congrats, Bryce! Now, lets get out there and make some smiles!
  11. Progress is looking good. Let me know if you want to have a sanding party to make those seams invisible.
  12. Thanks for checking in, Nate! I'm glad my build is still being used to help other's on the path to a TK. The path is long, but the rewards are out of this world! When I did my strapping, I wasn't convinced that E6000 would really hold nylon to elastic when the elastic stretches so much, so I sandwiched them together as you mentioned and Bryce confirmed. Here's a better shot of the assembly process BTW, I would love to be back in Miami this weekend to Troop at the Marlins game. But since I drove down last week to bring my mom back after evacuating, I won't be able to get away this weekend. I will be down sometime to Troop with Everglades Squad!
  13. Great progress, Bryce! I am more than willing to offer suggestions and helpful advice to those that ask. I'm glad you came up to me at LibCon and asked so many questions. Soon, we will be trooping together! For the shin velcro, the secret to separating it is to start at one end and work your finger all the way down. Trying from the middle will be very tough. Don't change it out until you troop in it. I think you will appreciate the heavy duty velcro. After a couple more texts about the thighs, I'll say it one more time... Put the thighs down! Back away slowly! Move on to the bucket and straps! Fitting of all the puzzle pieces will be done when wearing the under armor and with all the strapping done. Moving snap plates, lengthening elastic and straps and any necessary trimming, will be done later. Move along, Trooper!
  14. Left forearm may have issues right out of the box! I have an ATA and my build thread link is in my signature, below. I was able to get my arms to fit right with the 5/8" cover strips for all joints, but my left forearm was very tight. I realized that it was oval and not round at the wrist. I was able to give it a hot water bath and got it to open up. I haven't had any issues with trooping with it. So, take a look to see if it is just lopsided and needs to be more rounded!
  15. Congrats on starting your adventure into the World of White! The Florida Garrison can use a few more TK's. Can never have enough!
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