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  1. I ordered a set of boots used on the Shoretrooper and a Yugoslavian 4 pocket ammo pouch so you guys know the deal,
  2. Well I had noticed all the different screen names and I am a long time british car guy and own a 1980 TR8 so that that Triumph and well Trooper follows it well. The 8 is from the TR8 I own. I like the abbreviation of TT8 also sounds kind of technical. It just rolls off the tongue!
  3. Welcome Lexie! I see your going to suit up with the anovos kit in shadow form! we have had a bunch of TKs recently get completed by numerous suppliers. The kit is good and basic and as many will attest actually has instructions! I have been helping out with reviewing submittals for approval so don't hesitate in contacting me.
  4. Inside of the legs. It looks best there.
  5. I bought a pauldron for the TFA FO from Trooperbay. After trimming I used 1"x1" 30lb magnets to hold it in place on the chest and neck yoke. Fitment was excellent and did not limit my head movement any more than what I had. I kept it straight black for a troop to see how it felt. I had noticed it seemed smaller than those from the movie. I made a template extending it with paper. I ended up getting a plastic for sale sign and decided to extend it about 2". I used E6000 for the inner area and CA glue on the edges. I just followed the edge already on the pauldron and did some slight reshaping. I painted the raised area satin black. Then used semigloss on the outer 1/4" of the rank area and Colonial Gloss Red for Officer for rank designation. First Outing I am pretty happy and from general overall consensus it looks pretty close to those used in the film.
  6. Well I was asked months ago about paying a visit to a Homeschool Center in Pikesville for a friend. The center happens to be extreme fans of Star Wars so I decided to take the day off from work to cure my cold! Cough-cough! I was also asked to attend my kids before and after care center also. So two places to be with 4 hours in between them........so a woman from work asked if I could go to her preschool care center for her daughter as a surprise. Her daughter had just recently watch Episodes I-VI and VII. Her mother also said she knew a stormtrooper and got the usual "no you don't, they aren't real!". The first stop was the Homeshool Center and I suited up without any help. I ended up greeting the students as they came in and the staff. I had to help enforce the rules of signing in. To add more fun to it I asked if anyone had seen a BB-unit? Ended the visit with a Q&A session. My second trip was to my coworkers daughter daycare. I got suited up again without any help in the parking lot. There were only 3 steps to get into the center. The kids had no clue I was coming and well I don't know if maybe they thought some rubies trooper was coming but everyone was just blown away! The kids were working on star wars crafts and had a special wall set up! Now my friends daughter hid behind her and eventually came up and I called her by name! I know I made both of their day! She in the end was nothing but hugs and high fives! The third exercise was a quick pose with a few at one of my companies office. Another suit up el-solo! My last stop was my kids daycare. Another suit up and more visits the kids in the different age groups! I only made one room of toddlers cry....... With changing in and out of armor I had one tab with Velcro for the chest to back partially come unglued. White duck tape saved the day! I hope next year will be easier!
  7. So for clarification: Shoulder bells shall be touching with no strapping visible at the shoulder bridges? Not a problem, pull off and glue! I will drop the biceps down by the hooks for the shoulder bell strap and shorten the forearm to bicep strap The issue I have with the back plate is I have a short torso and a stumpy neck! I can trim off the bottom and some of the neck/shoulder area? Screws on the TD not a problem! The DLT has moved on to another trooper! I did one troop with it at a Comic Con......HUGE mistake! Thanks all of you guys for the comments which as Sly knows I keep tweaking this suit! It NEVER ends but when I see how they originals look I am motivated and also here on the Forum!
  8. White House Easter Egg Roll 2016 3/28/2016 Old Line Garrison Troopers: Randy S. FO TK21029 Michael P. FO TK10114 Jim T. ESB SL2626 Charles M. TI386 Handler Bob M. Handler Due to the nature of this event we had very strict instructions due to where it was and with the people involved. The biggest requirement was that since The Force Awakens Stormtroopers were requested and The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader we could not be seen together. We went through security and watched the rain that began on Sunday Night dreading going out and having a wet undersuit for 12 hours. The families came in groups and we had a schedule of specific times and events to follow. Bob and Charles worked their magic and interfacing with the Disney Group made it an incredible experience! The sun came out around 10am and from there it was a beautiful day! We were told there was going to be a special event for the First Order TKs. About an hour before the event the FO TKs were to escort POTUS & FLOTUS. Security was very tight and we followed all their instructions and there were no falls, trips or disasters! The picture sessions for both Vader and the Stormtroopers were overwhelming! It would start with 10 families and in minutes lines were 50 to 75 feet long and getting longer. We did between 30 to 45 minutes each session. Numerous celebrities were at this event wanting to get pictures with the Star Wars Characters. I give huge credit for Bob, Charles again in addition to the Volunteers for the event for keeping things flowing and having patience to deal with the crowds. When it was over we were suited up for about 8 hours. We did strip the armor off for a precautionary bathroom and water break for an hour and walked around the grounds. It was an honor to have participated in such a fun day at the White House with all the families and the other different characters! The Crew Ready to go! Abe should know the FO does not fool around! No cookies here! Captain Planet meets the Ruler of the Galaxy! POTUS Joining the Festivities! Security Detail
  9. I need to get my forearms fixed! The padding came undone and got pulled off when I put my arm through and offset them! Just an annoying adjustment!
  10. Name= Michael Perkins TK ID = 10114 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17923 FISD Forum Name = TriumphTrooper8 Garrison = Old Line Garrison Armor= AM 1.0 with 2.0 Chest/Shoulder Bells, ATA Back Plate, and Dan Laws Forearms Helmet= Authentic Props Blaster= Hyperfirm Height = 5'9" Weight = 175 lbs Boots = TK Boots Canvas Belt = TrooperBay Holster = Darman Hand Plates= TrooperBay Neck Seal = Trooperbay Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Body Right Full Body Left Detail Right Detail Left Action Interior Strapping Cod/Butt Plate Helmet AMMO Belt & Holster AB Detail E-11 Neck Seal Thermal Detonator Gloves
  11. I need to review the process and get an hour to take the 8 million pictures and just get the EIB done then go for Centurion!
  12. I decided to change out my forearms with more accurate ones I got from Dan Laws that he uses for his Snowtrooper Commander kit. In comparison the AM arms are shorter and just round with no real defining shape as the film used armor. These arms also have reliefs for bending your arm that are mirror each other. As far as the suit goes this is it unless for an unseen reason it goes sandy. I cant think of anything more to do? Changed the back, chest, shoulders, forearms, and helmet to reach this point. If I can the kidney from cracking...... DL forearms DL forearms with biceps and AM on along each side The final product! with a RS Propmaster to the left! I did compare the forearms from the RS suit and beside my finish strips being wider they have the same shape and length so I feel better no overall! Now its time to get those EIB/Centurion pictures taken!
  13. Here are some comparison pictures of the suit today from when I submitted....as a AM 1.0 with an ATA chest and back. Now its a AM 1.0 with an AM 2.0 chest and shoulder bells, ATA back, AP Helmet and 15 troops! Submittal Current Submittal Current Submittal Current Submittal Current
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