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  1. Not sure if this can still be addressed, but the Posterior doesn't mention the L2 weathering.
  2. For the CRL, it says the lenses are dark smoke, but in the first of the reference pics from Eric in the thread above, the lenses look green. Since it seems to be a secondary reference, I don't know if that applies. The posterior description still shows "weathering" as L1. The shoulder bell reference seems to be off (template issue?), may also have the "weathering" description as L1. I believe there was a red pauldron as well, but I am trying to find a reference shot for it. Overall, it looks good!!
  3. PostImage - somewhat simplistic, but works well.
  4. Completely understand your thoughts on E6000. I think we all have that love/hate relationship with it. As for cutaway, here's an example from mine, if you are interested. (Please ignore the twist... it happens.)
  5. Hi Devyn, and welcome to FISD. You have already started your research, so you are ahead of the game. I also purchased Mark's AP armor, and I love it. To answer your questions: - With the proper tools and a little patience, the armor is not hard to work with. AP is nice and sturdy, so a little effort is needed, but you will find it is easier as you get used to it. - My armor set came with the helmet and body parts. Soft parts and boots had to be purchased separately. You can get a lot of recommendations on suppliers to check out on the forums here. - How long depends
  6. Awesome work! I love how it looks. The only thing that stands out to me is the faceplate at the brow... it seems a bit hidden behind the brow. Everything else looks spot on for EIB.
  7. I don't have a lot of detailed pics, but I did move my build over to PostImage. Links in the signature below. Hopefully you can get some use out of them.
  8. Great work! The Plastidip looks like it worked out wonderfully.
  9. You are off to a great start!! I would say to enjoy the process, but I believe you already are.
  10. Edges are looking good! For the kidney plate, it really is all about sizing to the body. Mark added that extra on so that most people will not need to add shims at all. In my case (5'7" 180lb), I trimmed the kidney all the way back to the notch (leaving the required 22mm), and only took 3/4" off of the ab. Click on the pic for a larger version. (Photo prior to actually cutting the notch out) Hope that helps!
  11. Looks like you have things well in hand! Great photos and explanations so far. Keep it up!
  12. Personally, I do use a small strip of Velcro on the front of my boot, so that it keeps the shin from twisting. Since it is always covered, no one knows it is there.
  13. I have the AP armor. My process was to attach the knee plate to the cover strip in front with E6000, while clamping the sides into place (but not gluing immediately on those ends). B e generous with the E6000 - you can always remove the excess later. Once the center is dried (I gave mine 24 hours to be sure), double check your alignment. If all looks good, go ahead and glue the sides and reclamp. Again, go with plenty of E6000. This is what mine looked like afterward. You will notice the knee does not line up exactly in the middle. It's a specific quir
  14. There are a few fully completed suits out there. I know eqdizzle is working on his, and should be pretty close to complete. Your point on photos is what I was missing. Thanks for the reminder.
  15. This topic has been quiet for some time... has the CRL been finalized or submitted yet? I don't see any mention of it on the CRL page.
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