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  1. Thanks Mario. Nice thread. I sent him a PM about the gaskets. Thanks!!
  2. Thank you for the info. I will check out the links. Much appreciated!
  3. Hello Troopers, I am working on my TFA FO. The amor is trimmed, sized, glued and paint is drying. I am looking for a few more soft goods. I checked the boards but it seems many of the FO info are older posts. I saw Tony's build and some links were no longer available. Are there any updated suppliers links that I may have missed? I am looking for: 1. Gaskets (cloth and a set of rubber) 2. Neck seal (cloth and rubber) 3. Ammo vest 4. F11d 5. The biker shorts, are they patent leather? lycra? anything shiny is okay? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have had similar issues with my Icomm. The PTT button would work for three or four clicks, but then it would just give static bursts, work well and then static burst. We contacted Jim and ended up replacing the PTT cable. That did not work so the issue was with the actual Icomm. I recommend if it is not a quick taping fix then contact Jim (at Icomm/voice boost) directly, instead of wasting time tinkering with it. Jim was quick to respond and beyond helpful. Sent out parts in a matter of days. Stayed in contact with us until it was right. He holds pride to his product.
  5. Congrats Kelvin!! I have seen you build armor and help others build. These adjustments will be easy for you. Congrats again.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I will try this set-up. Parts ordered. Now is the waiting...
  7. Thanks Walter. I pull a muscle every time I look back at it...
  8. First off, Mr. Andrew, I appreciate you taking the time viewing and commenting to help enhance the armor. Big thanks to Mr. Tony for his thread on the Anovos build. Also, it is great having the help from all the members who add comments to assist us in have the best finished product that we can have. 'Thank yous' all around. I will be making the above mentioned adjustments and I will send it off to you in the next forum. Going for Centurion. -Order 66-
  9. No problem. Standard action shot added to application. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for all of your comments and taking time to view this thread. Your time and comments are well appreciated.
  11. Thanks... I wish I had a picture of the somersault the followed the pose... If the armor can withstand some elementary tumbling skills, it should hold up fine for trooping...
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