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  1. Thanks Paul! I'm actually a really liberal user of the Peer Review process as a GML it helps ensure that I'm not trying to be too tough or too lenient. Whenever a costume isn't an obvious pass, I run it through Peer Approval to see if I'm picking on things that are allowed, or even if I've missed things that I'm not aware are common misses. Detachment Leadership is a GREAT resource and the Peer Review process is a very easy way to get feedback.
  2. I am the GML of Mountain Garrison. A potential member asked if replacing Anovos parts with WTF would be cool and I said if the colors didn't match close enough it wouldn't pass. This of course would be after I utilized peer review. Another member (Zugor) is suggesting that if it isn't in the CRL you can't enforce it. I don't agree with that position and that is how I advised the applicant. Seems like I'm not enforcing anything that isn't already understood. If the color mismatch is bad enough, it might not pass Basic.
  3. No costume has actually been submitted. A member on our board asked about getting WTF parts as replacement for Anovos and I cautioned that if color didn't match close enough the applicant may need to paint to pass Basic Approval. This began a legalistic question over whether Basic Membership could be denied based on color mismatch since it wasn't addressed in the CRL. That's really the crux of the question. If the color match was different enough, might Basic Approval be denied on the basis of color mismatch? My understanding is that it might be if the difference was enough, even though that isn't specifically mentioned in the CRL.
  4. The specific question raised was Anovos and WTF. If you haven't seen it, Anovos is CONSIDERABLY darker than other armors. My daughter has Anovos and I have AP and the difference in shades is definitely noticeable.
  5. @Daetrin what say you? Ultimately a GML should abide by Detachment Leadership so I'm interested to know. I know in the past color mismatch has been a subject of peer review. Is this something detachment currently enforces as an assumed requirement or no? Would a mix of Anovos parts and WTF be acceptable at basic, given the shade mismatch?
  6. Awesome discussion on the rear tab on the shoulder bridge! On this build I say leave it on because it looks proper when fit. Doesn't add un-necessary length to the bridge. As GML of Mountain Garrison I can say Jared makes this process easy! He has maintained a build thread on our board where I have been able to offer advice along the way, he has read and clearly understood the CRL, and he's building with highest accuracy in mind. And now utilization of our new review process! Once final pics are submitted this is an EASY pass at Basic and as I've mentioned to Jared it's qualified to shoot for EIB and Centurion with replacement of the shoes - not perfectly visible in these photos but there are seams in the boot that won't pass higher levels.
  7. What I'm proposing would NOT ban FX armor (or moncal or any other that was MEANT to be constructed as overlap) at Basic. I think I'm being misunderstood. What I'm saying is that the current CRL seems to allow for let's say an Anovos kit to be built with overlap construction at Basic. This is my only issue. The kits that are SUPPOSED to be constructed with cover strips should be required to be constructed that way AT ALL LEVELS. What I'm proposing is actually not a change to how any GML should be reviewing TK right now, it's just not spelled out. I'm simply saying we need verbiage in the CRL that somehow states that you can't construct an Anovos or AP or WTF or any other kit that is SUPPOSED to have cover strips with an overlap construction. People try to do overlap on Anovos and then use the CRL to justify that overlap is "allowed" at Basic and L2. It's actually ONLY allowed for FX and MonCal and other kits that have the cover strips moulded in. So I'm proposing language that somehow just reinforces the fact that you can't construct an Anovos kit with overlap construction at ANY level and be approved. FX and MonCal and others with cover strips in the mold would not apply. That's why I tried to word it very specifically. I think Paul gets it and says it's in the works so we're good to go. This is just a clarification to how we are enforcing builds but where the CRL could use a clarification so there is no misunderstanding. Thanks!
  8. Good morning all, Not really sure to put this but I have a recommendation around the CRL that I wanted to get some feedback on. The current CRL lists this statement at level three certification (Centurion): "Overlap construction is not allowed" I understand the history, that some kits like early MonCal were moulded to emulate the cover strips and meant to be constructed using an overlap construction method for thighs, shins, forearms and biceps. The problem now is that most of the kits produced are not moulded to be overlap construction, and yet I am continually getting into a semantic argument (even with tenured members) about cover strip requirement. I'd like to see a simple statement in the CRL that says "Overlap construction only allowed for kits molded with cover strips included - kits intended to constructed with cover strips (i.e., Anovos, AP, WTF and others) MUST be constructed using butt-join and cover strip method." I know the CRL can't address everything, but the language used seems to imply that overlap construction is acceptable for anything under Level Three. It's enough of an issue that I'd love to see the above simple statement added just to eliminate these arguments. In the end, I tell the applicants not everything can be addressed in the CRL and I do require the cover strips, but I've had some really chippy arguments, including one with former command staff who insists the semantics of this CRL allow for overlap at Basic even on Anovos. Would be interested in thoughts from others. I'd really LOVE to see this addition to the CRL to clear up the confusion about overlap construction. Thanks!
  9. Hey Michael I didn't catch this post when you first made it but just wanted to say glad you joined the MG boards, nice job on the ongoing build thread, and hit me up at any time on that board with questions. I'll be watching the build thread and commenting and looking forward to seeing you submit for EIB and Centurion here after your basic approval! Dave
  10. Just a suggestion on the lenses to not fit them completely flush. Leave some gap - this allows air flow and helps prevent fogging.
  11. Really good post! One thing I always do at armor parties if there are first-timers there is to start with an overview of the armor and do a full kit up and kit down. Many times this is the first exposure for someone seeing the armor in real life and how it all goes together. I've found this to be a very helpful part of armor parties. I've also started including mini workshops at every armor party with a "guest speaker" from our Garrison. Topics have included costume weathering, sewing, and prop painting/weathering. This has encouraged participation from those not just working on armor, and has led to more information and skill sharing in our Garrison.
  12. I found a unique solution for this because I wanted no gap but I also wanted no shifting between the pieces. So I put in the rivets and snap required but they are just for show. To connect ab to kidney, I use velcro plates. I put 2" strip of loop side on the inside of ab and also inside of kidney, so there's basically a 2" wide section of velcro along the whole side of each part. Then I took parking sign and made a 4" plate that I put the hook side of the velcro on. So these plates sit inside the ab/kidney connection on each side, velcroing 2 inches of each side together. It holds really nice, prevents shifting, and allows me to kit up with the pieces aligned perfectly and then they don't move during troop. I could never get the straps to close as perfectly as I wanted so this was what I came up with.
  13. Anovos at $450 is a good deal. Don't bother with the soft goods you can find better stuff for cheaper. Neck seal, gloves and bodysuit are NOT a $200 venture. More like $100 and you'll have better quality. The plastic of Anovos is thinner than other armor, and can be prone to cracking or stress marking. However, I built Anovos for my daughter and it has held up well over the past year. I personally have AP armor and it is substantially thicker. WTF has been getting a lot of love around my Garrison as well. I would suggest reaching out to the vetted makers via email to get a feel for current pricing and wait listing. Have fun on your journey to armor!
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