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  1. LOL! I am actually not sure which version I have, since I got it second hand and I am not sure how long he had it before I got it... It's definitely earlier than 2017, cause that's when I bought it, but it sounded like he had it for a while as well, cause he *started* to work on it and put it back in the box... But I do consider myself lucky, based on some of the horror stories I have heard!
  2. I've worn my Anovos to at least a dozen times and haven't had any issues other than some minor scuffs that clean off pretty easily... I am usually pretty easy on my costumes in general though, so maybe that has something to do with it... I know Anovos gets a bad wrap (which it should, in most cases), but mine's actually held up pretty well since putting it together!
  3. Indeed! And I am okay recreating a few things, but having the font just makes it a bunch less time consuming! Just like the Aurebesh font, I'm sure it'll eventually get re-made by someone (and heck, the land hasn't even been open a month at this point!), so I can wait... I guess...
  4. This stuff looks great! Love the soda/Thermal Detonator tub! I've been designing a few things *inspired* by Galaxy's Edge as well, cause after being there, it's just full of cool design choices!! I know they created the font they used specifically for Batuu, but man, I hope either they end up making it available or at least if we can find all the letters/numbers through menus/cards/pics to make our own, cause I WANT to use that font!
  5. If you want to try! I took mine apart, but only as far as the outer shell, since the main board seems glued to the acrylic and I didn't want to break anything... If you are braver than I, and want to try to go further, go for it! LOL! And good luck!
  6. I don't have the capabilities to myself, but if I could find someone that could do the printing/etching part (and figure out how to replace the plastic without breaking the electronics board), I'd be totally up for it...
  7. The Antiquities shop (Dok-Ondar's), where the Kyber Crystals and sabers and such were... There was a whole bunch of them on the wall if you go left when you walk in, across from the Crystals... Yep! I am also a huge Disney nerd... Same here! LOL!
  8. Yep. That's our Mountain Garrison logo, in just a 1-color design.
  9. LOL! This was what I came up with for me. The pink is the plastic holder part and border, the rest would be etched...
  10. True, but there's got to be a way to "customize" it... Someone braver than I just has to see how it fully comes apart! I already worked up a "re-imagined" design to replace it, if I can figure it all out...
  11. So, I tried taking mine apart and it's 2 acrylic pieces, and the artwork/info is etched on the inside of one piece and basically sandwiched in there. It looks to be etched, but I am not 100% sure... I *think* it's etched, but I can't take the whole thing apart without breaking it, so I can't tell for sure... That's what I was wanting to do, but they glued the electronic board to the housing and/or the acrylic piece... I am sure it can be taken apart, but I really don't want to break it! Yep, they all have the same number (just mass-produced)... They had a BUNCH of them at the Dok-Ondar's when I was there...
  12. Awesome! I just signed up for the show here to troop and can't wait!
  13. When I was at GE on Tuesday, I picked up a TK ID card they had that glows (and has a retractable cord)! And, I don't see any active member with the TK-1901, but if you're new and want to choose it, you'll have a "custom" ID card! Now, I need to see if I can change the number without ruining it... LOL!
  14. I was at GE on Tuesday and when I was leaving the First Order shop, I saw an employee walking into the shop with a Kylo helmet box. I assume the helmet was inside and was just sold... If I had a pre-order that I had been waiting for, I'd definitely be pissed...
  15. I was at GE on Tuesday and when I was leaving the First Order shop, I saw an employee walking into the shop with a Kylo helmet box. I assume the helmet was inside and was just sold... I know there are people in the Kylo FB group that have been waiting for those as well...
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