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  1. This is what I was thinking as well. The one that made it on screen is nice, but all those other designs look cool as hell...
  2. Here's what I came up with...
  3. Yeah, if they avoided stores, then they wouldn't have seen them! LOL! And Dok Ondar's is an attraction as much as a store, IMO... There's so much to take in there! Easy to miss stuff while you're looking at all the decorations or Dok Ondar himself!
  4. That's weird, cause I was there a few weeks ago and they had a TON of them in Dok Ondars!
  5. Yeah, if it's going to break anyway, might as well do some experimenting! Sucks that it's already breaking, but it might lead to something better!
  6. Sure! the acrylic they use are 2 pieces (the etched part is on the inside, which makes it smooth on the outside, and probably catches the light better)... I tried taking mine apart, but the main electronics board was glued to the acrylic and I didn't want to break it!
  7. I think this ^^ I know they aren't 100%, cause if you look at the chest piece, it's a 1 piece chest... The strapping does look similar to the webbing strapping on their kits though... I bet they designed the parks one's in a way that was more beefier and easier for multiple sized people wearing them... So while they are similar, they are "technically" different...
  8. LOL! I am actually not sure which version I have, since I got it second hand and I am not sure how long he had it before I got it... It's definitely earlier than 2017, cause that's when I bought it, but it sounded like he had it for a while as well, cause he *started* to work on it and put it back in the box... But I do consider myself lucky, based on some of the horror stories I have heard!
  9. I've worn my Anovos to at least a dozen times and haven't had any issues other than some minor scuffs that clean off pretty easily... I am usually pretty easy on my costumes in general though, so maybe that has something to do with it... I know Anovos gets a bad wrap (which it should, in most cases), but mine's actually held up pretty well since putting it together!
  10. Indeed! And I am okay recreating a few things, but having the font just makes it a bunch less time consuming! Just like the Aurebesh font, I'm sure it'll eventually get re-made by someone (and heck, the land hasn't even been open a month at this point!), so I can wait... I guess...
  11. This stuff looks great! Love the soda/Thermal Detonator tub! I've been designing a few things *inspired* by Galaxy's Edge as well, cause after being there, it's just full of cool design choices!! I know they created the font they used specifically for Batuu, but man, I hope either they end up making it available or at least if we can find all the letters/numbers through menus/cards/pics to make our own, cause I WANT to use that font!
  12. If you want to try! I took mine apart, but only as far as the outer shell, since the main board seems glued to the acrylic and I didn't want to break anything... If you are braver than I, and want to try to go further, go for it! LOL! And good luck!
  13. I don't have the capabilities to myself, but if I could find someone that could do the printing/etching part (and figure out how to replace the plastic without breaking the electronics board), I'd be totally up for it...
  14. The Antiquities shop (Dok-Ondar's), where the Kyber Crystals and sabers and such were... There was a whole bunch of them on the wall if you go left when you walk in, across from the Crystals... Yep! I am also a huge Disney nerd... Same here! LOL!
  15. Yep. That's our Mountain Garrison logo, in just a 1-color design.
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