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  1. Also, if you guys don't get any traction with the LWM's, I'll commit to flipping people manually before voting starts/rosters are locked.
  2. For this year the Legion web team is handling all the syncs. I have no idea what expired means, you'd have to ask them I'm afraid.
  3. Let's also remember that in the 70's no one paid attention to such details. Lucas just put people in whatever order to make the shot good. Many people with different rank bars are called simply "commander". That's why there truly was no rhyme nor reason back then - because there wasn't. Anything you see on wikis etc. is all just retcon (for the OT stuff at least).
  4. FWIW, they are still working on this. The last information I have is they will do the bulk update this year, just like they have before.
  5. Perhaps two options of a single CRL. If we were to do the CRLs from the start today, ANH would be a single CRL with Hero/Stunt being two options of that single CRL for example.
  6. FYI if you have not seen this already, there is a thread on SpecOps for this costume https://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/6288-rocket-trooper-bf2/&fbclid=IwAR0Uro-n80yG1lzBF6fV9KcXb8ZscyGDwFFYWQ6o5Gsxf-mQ08FwI6O_NDU&_fromLogin=1 The CRL will be created there, as SpecOps owns the costume. That said, it's been great for you to show your progress here - it's a sexy trooper for sure.
  7. Wow - that is awesome! @gmrhodes13 - any chance we can highlight this in the next newsletter?
  8. It happens. You are on yet another boring gate guard detail and are trying to relax with a cup of brew. You throw on the latest pod races on the closed circuit screens (hey, it's not like anyone is sneaking on a secret battle station, right?) put your feet up on the desk, lean back and start catching up on the latest FISD news on your data pad. Ah...the good life. Then out of nowhere, you can't get to the forums - it's like they are down. What gives? Did Lord Vader find out you piping pod racing again? Yeesh, doesn't he have something better to do, like track down rebels or something? Then again, maybe he doesn't. A cold bead of sweat starts rolling down your forehead.... Fear not - it's all good! The 501st Legion's webmasters are just trying to integrate the FISD forums with the Legion membership database and from time to time the forum servers are bounced. So it's not you at all, my good trooper! Wait, why are they doing this you ask? Ah...well you know how it's nearing election time and we get all kinds of requests to validate detachment membership, right? And each year it's a monumental task to try to get everything sync'd between the FISD servers and the Legion database, right? Well, your support request prayers have been answered! When the LWM team has completed their work, the Legion's database can simply pull membership data from FISD and automatically update membership requests. How cool is that? Surely worth a few server bounces, right? Huge thanks to the LWMs, especially Cari, for making this possible. Cheers Cari!
  9. If it helps, I'm 6'0" and am about 175lbs. I've worn TE2/ATA and actually it fit well except for the shins, which I swapped out for RT ones. IIRC the actors who wore the armor in the movies were like 5'10", so that or a little shorter is about the ideal height I reckon. You can pay makers like RS to pre-build for you, or some others in local garrisons do as well.
  10. How so? You can't un-earn a award. Once you get it, you have it forever, even if you sell the suit.
  11. All of these award programs in all the detachments are one-time. Consider them "achievement in costume excellence". What you do after getting it is up to you. It's kinda like getting any other type of award for merit/achievement. So yeah, you could get Centurion and then troop with nomex gloves all you want.
  12. Yeah, I hear you on that. When Lancer (BSN) first came in, it was so hard that very few got it. Having standards so crazy maybe 12 out of 5000 people can achieve it - or even bothering to achieve it - doesn't make sense. So there is certainly ground to move this upward, but you can go too far too.
  13. For history, MEPD Swat = FISD Centurion. I worked with the MEPD DL at the time to ensure that it was the same program goals. Centurion is to represent the highest level of accuracy that can be allowed in the 501st, as you know the 501st is not a prop replication club but a costuming club. We don't allow Mr. No Stripes, etc. as they are costume flubs. Also, while every sandtrooper looked slightly different, the intent of the stormtrooper was to be identical. For instance there are one or two quick scenes where you see a TK without a holster, but again these are obvious costume department misses that were not uncommon for such films in the 70's. Actually if you look at the films, there is some wear on various TKs, so at some point even a clean TK - again if you really want to go all the way - should be OK to have some slight scuffs for ANH and also ROTJ. You are right though, the point of these programs was to offer choice, even waaaay back in the day when it all started. Some people just want a basic costume, especially if it's a secondary costume or they are starting out. Some want to go all out. Deployed/EI, etc. were developed to have a path for those who want to go beyond base CRL. SWAT/Centurion for those who want to take it as far as they can without going so far that the costume can't be approved (e.g.. gaffers tape, crappy paint). A fourth award would render a costume not 501st approvable, e.g. if you really wanted to go to prop replication.
  14. You're right, I'm thinking Scandian, not Scandinavian.
  15. Because the CRLs in the 501st only detail what can be seen outside the costume, not now it is put together. You could say people should see screw heads on the underside of the return edges for instance, but not that you can require brackets per se.
  16. I'm not saying it is, I'm saying that when one argues for minute details like angles of ears, etc. that this could be a reason why, e.g. are the Centurion requirements too easy to get.
  17. Well, by the numbers it can be argued that Centurion is too easy to achieve currently. Nearly 33% of EI go Centurion, where you'd expect it to be under 25%, maybe even 10%.
  18. Thanks Joseph. I think this has been said twice already (at least), but needs to be mentioned again so it's clear: EI is meant to be a bump up from basic approval with a moderate amount of time/effort. Various tweaks to make the basic costume look good. Centurion is trying to get as accurate as we can without falling in to the pit of actual prop replication (e.g. flubs, crappy paint, etc.). Usually details like this start off at Centurion first because that's the intent of that program. Nothing should ever go to EI unless it's already a Centurion item that has become so common place and easy to do that it gets moved off as not being challenging enough. Hope that helps...
  19. Pretty nice interview with FISD former DL, former LMO and current LMW, Eric Brager aka @Darth Aloha https://www.dailydot.com/parsec/stormtrooper-costume-uniform-design-politics/
  20. This is just amazing. Information like this was meant to be shared, gracefully. As has been said already, you bring light to many and we are thankful for you sharing all of this. Wow, to hold a real one. Truly a holiday gift.
  21. Dang, you told them. I was wondering how long it would take, esp. given the black frown and Bespin being on the other side.
  22. At the time of filming back in the day, people only had VHS on 20" TVs and TBH we never paid any attention to this type of thing, neither did movie audiences of the time. So why bother with this type of consistency when no one cares? These days with Blu-Ray/HD and the power of the Interwebs, content creators pay a lot more attention to it because the fans notice.
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