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  1. I haven't looked there. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Thank you that is very helpful. I just need to find a greeble seller now to get the bits i need to ad.
  3. A while back I found a thread showing the exact differences between an ANH E-11 and an ESB E-11. Unsurprisingly I didn't save it because "I'll be able to find it again later and I am busy". Surprise I can't find it. I've been looking and I can't find an exact "These are the differences" source. I do see lots of conflicting information and opinions. I'm attempting to modify an ANH blaster to make it an ESB for my Snowie and I don't want to make mistakes while i do it. Thanks
  4. Thank you. I'll look into it for my ESB blaster.
  5. That is the perfect amount of info i needed. I knew it was off. But not to what level it was. Thank you No parade raining in the slightest. I was hoping for "barely good enough" or "Not totally sucky" at the best. Turns out it was "pretty much sucky" I have seen mention of Hyperfirm before. but only in passing. Is it a solid slightly rubbery blaster or am I completely wrong?
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Ep-V-Stormtrooper-E-11-Blaster-Movie-Prop-Replica-Empire-ESB/232674192373?hash=item362c766bf5:g:LugAAOSwPIhZ-dII I'm curious if this will actually pass muster. I don't know enough to tell from the pictures weither it is good or not.
  7. CURSES! SANDING ARMOR MY ARCH ENEMY! WE MEET AGAIN! (and thanks for the welcome even though I'm just currently a royal guard and a a 90% done snowie)
  8. I did use a stripper on a few parts following the direction of someone who was familliar with paint and chrome and it took the chrome right off.... and some of the armor itself. The parts aren't ruined but they will need extra work above and beyond stripping to make them good. Sanding is probably going to loom large in my future. Hopefully I can snag a second or even third hand suit of Jimmi's armor that someone doesn't want so I can part the 2 kits together to make one good one to have a complete perfect suit. Because I know all my parts wont be flawless after I finish my re-stripping and sanding process.
  9. Longs story short I was given bad info by my vac chromer and my armor got messed up during the chroming process The raw fiberglass/resin absorbed the chrome compound looking awful. Apparently the armor needed to be primed AND sanded smooth. So that leaves me with some ugly chromed Phasma armor, which I have taken to calling trash compactor Phasma. And I need to strip it back down and start all over. Anybody have some recommendations on how to do that without destroying the armor underneath? Most of what people have said is hand sand it. Which I am grudgingly prepared to do. I just wanted to double/triple check and see that I can take care of it properly. I have a Jim Tripton suit of armor if that helps any.
  10. It is great seeing snowies. It gives me good motivation.
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