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  1. TK-42185 requesting my status change. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29758 Thank you
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try that out next time I put it on. Also... get a sexy pose. It should be mandatory. Yeah I noticed that a lot of troopers have their thighs angled a little outwards. I tried that a bit by readjusting the garter, and the thighs came up a bit. I can angle them out a bit more and they should come up easily. It also makes the sniper knee position look a little more natural. But if that doesn’t work, i’ll see about resizing them completely. Yeah, I got a lot of junk in the trunk, but I can always use the snap the furthest away from the cod as the anchor. That may help. If not, I’ll see about tightening the elastic. Thanks so much! I still have those few tweaks to take care of, the internals of the helmet, and then the blaster to build. But hopefully soon!
  3. Me again! I've made a few tweaks and would love some feedback. Since my last post, I angled the shoulders inwards, and tried to level out the lopsided chest piece over the abdomen. I also made the thigh strapping. So here is my first post with a full suit! For the back, I just noticed that my left bicep strap ran up and over the top of the bicep. I'll see about making sure that stays in place somehow. I also see that my forearms aren't very symmetrical when on my arms. I'll see why next time I put it on. I have the white elastic for the shoulder straps, just haven't put that on yet. The sides. Though this isn't a submission, I thought I would just do the main submission photos to help anyone point out stuff. The cool pose. And the sexy pose. Thanks for any feedback!
  4. Oh man. Yeah I'm crossing streams then. I have no idea who I've been following anymore. I remember one super tall guy who got shoulder bells that were longer. But thanks for the tip!
  5. Thanks for the help. I'll try that out tonight. As for my bicep, it's quite tight in the middle, but looser near the top (near the shoulder pads). I don't think I can make it tighter unless I warped them to curve in, but that doesn't seem like a good idea. Thanks for the detailed response. I think the person you're thinking of is @Suspend. I remember he bought longer shoulder pads as he is super tall. I've been following his thread throughout this process, and have been nagging him with a lot of questions. I haven't chatted about his shoulders, but yeah, I guess that's also an option. I'll try to rotate them forward first. Yes, great catch. I'll try evening that out for sure. I just ran out of e-6000, so I'll have to go pick up my third tube. (FYI, if you need to squeeze more e-6000 out of a tube, use pliers and give it hell. You'll get a lot more out!) ANOTHER QUESTION Once I get more e-6000, I'll be able to set the thigh strapping on and take a full body photo. Does everyone use the Uswrath method of strapping the thigh to a hidden belt? Or is there some other way to keep the thighs from slipping? Also, do the shins require strapping? or do they just rest on the boot? I feel like they rest on the boot, but just want to ask in case I've missed something. Thanks all! I really appreciate it!
  6. Hey all, another update. Other than the system to keep my thigh pieces up, I've basically done a first pass on everything. There's still a few minor tweaks that need to be made for sure. My current struggle is with the shoulders. I have a pretty wide body, and this kit was pre-trimmed, so I've been experimenting with how to get them closest to the chest/back pieces. Here was my first attempt, but this was with the shoulders almost sitting on top of the biceps, which gave me a rounded and most-derpy look, but it got them the closest in all the places: This second attempt was after giving the shoulders a hot water bath and opening them up around the biceps so they would fit around it better. This allowed me to keep it overlapping the bicep, but it pulled it away from the chest/back pieces. Then this last attempt was after giving the tops of the shoulders a hot water bath and opening them up a bit more. This allowed me to get it closer to the chest-to-back straps. I think that last attempt has them good near the chest-to-back straps, and overlaps the biceps well, but they are still far away from my chest and back plates. I've heard that some people rotate them a little to the front, and expose more of the back. So I guess I'll try that, but does anyone know any good threads that show how they did this? Thanks for any and all feedback!
  7. Thanks again for all the help and feedback. I've figured out how to set snaps, and made a lot of them as I'm going for the double snap system. My snaps are cheaper, but are still really tough to pull apart, so I think it will be okay. I've also added a few extra snaps in there, so this thing is never going to come off. I'm still actually 4 snaps short, but I have some smaller ones that I think will do the trick. Here's some update on where I'm at: CHEST I gave the shoulder straps a hot water bath then formed them around a mixing bowl I had. I then reinforced the shoulder straps with bits of ABS I've saved, just up to the fifth indent, as that's what's going to be glued to the chest piece. I glued and clamped them, and taped it to the back piece in case that would influence how it would set. BELT I've actually finished the belt too. The drop boxes line up with the outside of the plastic part of the belt, and I used Chicago screws to fasten the plastic to the cloth, and the holster to the cloth. I need to replace one of the Chicago screws that's fastening the belt because it's too long, and the actual front facing part of it doesn't match the other screw, but that will be a quick fix. STRAPPING As I mentioned above, I'm going for the double snap setup. It seems each person does this a little differently, so I just tried to find some threads that were doing the same double snap setup and I kind of did a hybrid of them. I mainly used Scimitar's and Suspend's photos as reference. I've only done the bases right now, as I need to go out and get some 2" wide black elastic. For the Cod, I used a split rivet to meet the requirements, then added two snaps on the other end to attach to both snaps on the butt piece. Here you can see I still need two more base snaps for the back piece to attach to the kidney piece, but I ran out. I'll be sure to fix that next. And here you can see the Ab after it was attached to the Kidney piece with split rivets/washers/nylon. QUESTIONS I read in Uswrath's thread that the shoulder/bicep/forearm straps are actually white in the movie, not black. I have a lot of 2" wide white elastic as I only really bought it for the shoulders. Should I be using white elastic instead of black, wherever I can? (keeping in mind that I'm using 2" wide elastics everywhere with my double snap system) I think that's it. When I have more time, I'll actually post my step by step process for all of this stuff. Thanks for any feedback!
  8. Hey, after you mentioned that, I checked the post size of the snaps I ordered and their post size is 3/16", which is about 4.8mm. That's about 3mm shorter than the Tandy snaps at 5/16" post size. I checked the Nylon webbing, and that's about 2mm thickness, and the elastics, when folded over are about 2mm as well. Does anyone know if 4.8mm post size will work on those? (I can still cancel them if they won't work)
  9. Would this be approved for Centurion? I'm thinking I should print mine too, as I have a 3D printer and some time to kill, but I'm going for Centurion. Thanks, and looks great!
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