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  1. Did you ever find the feedback on these lenses?
  2. No fun... Did you end up doing any helmet upgrades in the interim?
  3. Any more progress made on your customization adventure?
  4. Sorry, didn't see a way to delete the post above, but forgot to select "notify me of replies." Do you have links to both liners you bought? Also, were you able to upgrade your lenses? Any tips or advice on liner or lenses (I'm going to upgrade my standard line Anovos helmet once it arrives).BTW, did you ever get your Anovos armor? Last update above was in May.
  5. Thanks to each of you! Yeah, I'm thinking it would be more trouble than it's worth. He's asking $950. I messaged him that I wouldn't be comfortable spending more than $500 for it, but I'm thinking that may even be too much given all the unknowns. On that note, any leads on a ready to wear suit that I could get into?
  6. Never owned TK armor of any kind in the past, but I've been looking into buying a suit. Please share your honest thoughts so I don't make a noobie mistake here. I saw on a forum where a guy was being encouraged to sell his problematic armor on Ebay, so I'm a bit gun shy on this. This auction with photos is at https://www.ebay.com/itm/star-wars-first-order-stormtrooper-Armor-TFA-TLJ-costume-Ready-To-Wear/163260455205 I sent him some questions, but not sure what else to ask or look for: 1. Any idea on the source of the actual hard armor in this auction? 2. Was this part of a 501st approved suit? 3. Do you also have a helmet, boots, and gloves? 4. Is it possible to repair that shoulder break? 5. Any other damage (hard or soft items)?
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