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  1. delcid23456

    eFX stormtrooper helmet

    I noticed that no one really talks about the eFX stormtrooper helmet and i wondered why that is and also i heard that the eFX helmet will get you approved for the 501st but you can't Troop with it, is this true?
  2. delcid23456

    hey there from SA Texas

    Hey Troopers My name is Christian Delcid, and I'm a really big star wars fan, obviously, and joining the 501st has been a big dream of mine for a long time. I recently purchased a AM Armor set and I cant wait to start building it. I am really looking forward to becoming a member of the 501st legion and having the opportunity to be apart of a big family.
  3. delcid23456

    Velcro for body armor

    hey I was wondering if i could use Velcro to hold the torso pieces together, instead of using rivets or snaps (or would it be fine to use them temporarily)
  4. delcid23456

    Hero vents vs Stunt vents

    I meant the blue vents
  5. Hello So i got a tk kit that came with stickers for the helmet and it came 2 pairs of vent stickers, one for srunt and one for hero but both the hero and stunt vent stickers look the same to me. So i thought if they both look the same then i could use the hero vent stickers as an emergency replacement but i dont know if there is a difference between them
  6. hi, I just got my new tk armor and the helmet came with stickers but I'm going for anh tk build. At the moment I do not have access to good paint and some of the details would be more difficult with paint, so could i use sharpie for some of those spots instead of using paint?
  7. delcid23456

    Question about an Stormtrooper Helmet

    hello I recently purchased the black series stormtrooper helmet from amazon and I was wondering if it is 501st approved i hope to hear from you soon