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  1. i can't wait to see the finished product the kit is really coming together
  2. are the shims still applicable for EIB and i ask because of the crl changes
  3. these guys deal more with snowtroopers so they'll be able to help you http://www.blizzardforce.com/forum/
  4. is the plastic durable from this kit durable, I've been wanting to do a R1 kit especially this kit mainly because of the price and i won't have to paint it so much but i'm worried about the durability of the armor mainly because i'm pretty clumsy
  5. i might but at the time i dont make a lot of money so in the future maybe
  6. i tryied to but sadly it makes it harder to wear but i might order some bigger shoulder bells to fix that
  7. i want to thank the Star Garrison and the Imperial Rough Riders Squad for helping me get to this point
  8. requesting 501st status please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30738
  9. hey troopers, sorry for not posting in a while, but i managed to finish my armor and i would like to know what sorry for the blurry photo and i also for got to get some side and back pictures but please tell me what you think
  10. hey troopers, so a little update on the shims, to be honest they are an absolute pain in the but, at the moment here are some pictures of what they look like at the moment heres a pic of what they look like up close so as you can see i have made some progress of them, but every time i add a layer and sand it there is always these little craters on it and i do not know if i have to keep sanding until the whole thing is smooth or until there is no sign of a seam, also ones i finish with it, what is the best way to blend it with the armor, paint it or polish it
  11. hey troopers, so yesterday i put on my armor for the first time, not completely done though, and i took some pictures of the armor and i would like to here your opinion on what you think of it so far please give me any feed back on what you think of it at the moment, keep in mind though i haven't finished the kidney shims, the button plates might need a little more work, the left shin just needs the back cover strip, i still need to do the strapping system for the torso and arms, still need to add the ammo belt on the right thigh, start on building the belt, and finally make the biceps more comfortable. thanks
  12. thanks tony, I've been looking everywhere and i couldn't find any thing thanks for the help
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