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  1. hey troopers, so yesterday i put on my armor for the first time, not completely done though, and i took some pictures of the armor and i would like to here your opinion on what you think of it so far please give me any feed back on what you think of it at the moment, keep in mind though i haven't finished the kidney shims, the button plates might need a little more work, the left shin just needs the back cover strip, i still need to do the strapping system for the torso and arms, still need to add the ammo belt on the right thigh, start on building the belt, and finally make the biceps more comfortable. thanks
  2. thanks tony, I've been looking everywhere and i couldn't find any thing thanks for the help
  3. hey troopers, i got a quick question, does any one know any thread that shows how to properly do the boiling water method because the other day i was trying it on the biceps and they didn't really change at all
  4. hey troopers just wanted to show off my new boots i got from imperial boots, at first i was scared they wouldn't fit, but once i got home and tried them on i was very happy with them, they were well made and feel very comfortable. unfortunately one of the sides, specifically the elastic, got a little dirty, but i don't have a problem with it since it'll be covered by the shins.
  5. thanks ukswrath i'll try to see if i can incorporate it with the bells i have, but i think i am starting to understand what you mean about the swoops on the shoulder bells
  6. Thanks man that really helped ill make sure to lable them as soon as i get home
  7. hey troopers got another quick uptade for ya, so just right earlier the shims i used for the kidney plate is finished and just right now i covered the seams using some abs paste, and now i gonna let them dry over night and afgter i came back to work, i'm going to sand it and then at some more if necessary. Also, i have a quick question about the shoulders, which one is left and which is right. thanks
  8. alright so quick update on the thighs luckly i dont have to redo them for approval which is always nice and plus i am nearly done with all the limbs, as well as finishing the shims for the kidney, pictures will come later because at the moment im typing this at work right now lol, also there may be a slow down with the build because finals are coming up and i don't want to fail college, im sure you guys can understand. anyways have a good day and long live the empire
  9. well the right one when i trimmed the back of it, i trimmed a bit too much, and with the left one i was trying to make it feel less tighter but i am not sure weather i need to make the left one tighter or try to fix the right one i bit more. but if the gml says its fine then i wont really change it
  10. so i finished both the thighs, besides the putting on the ammo belt, but i made the left thigh wider than the other if you think it will effect my approval please let me know and i will try to make it shorter thanks
  11. hey troopers so for a few days ive been working on and off on the chest and back plates and i happy to say that i have completed it along with the shoulder bells also yes i am aware that the shoulder bells dont touch the shoulder straps all the way but i did try it and it didn't go well it felt very tangled and hard to get on. so i re done the shoulder straps and made the straps for the shoulder bells and it feels a lot better for me and also if y'all noticed the shoe string on the shoulder straps too, don't worry they are only temporary i'm just keeping them there until i some white shoe string or anything of that kind. id love to hear your feed back on how it looks and if i am on the right track. thanks p.s. and yes that is my face
  12. Thanks for showing me the some threads on putting together shims. I have done a bit more research on some more methods for puting the shims together ( not saying the ones u sent me were terrible because they are not, they are pretty awesome) and i found one that i think will be a lot more secure and hide the seams a bit better. Also after filling and sanding over the seams, would guys recommend painting over it with a gloss or semi-gloss white paint, or polish it with Novus 123 step polish. Thanks, And Long Live The Empire
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