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  1. DStep

    Bazz's ANH TK Stunt Build [ATA]

    Looks like everything is coming along nicely! Glad to hear you’re going for centurion...it’s not much more work and you’ll be glad you did it!
  2. Keep up the great work...you’re almost done! The bucket is looking awesome and those ears came out real nice!
  3. DStep

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hi Shawn! Welcome to FISD and glad you’re doing your research. Don’t worry, I’m not very handy either. All the resources here make it very doable...just take your time and ask plenty of questions. Also, check out the other AP build threads and it’ll help prep you for BBB day!
  4. DStep

    Hello from another New Member

    Welcome aboard Brad! You’ll get plenty of help along the way here. Good luck on your build and can’t wait to see the progress!
  5. DStep

    TK-12820 reporting for duty!

    Congrats Ian! A SL would be very sweet! You should consider taking your TK to EIB and/or Centurion...not only do you get the pride of a higher quality build, but you also get access to pretty cool merchandise.
  6. DStep

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome to the FISD Patrick! Nice build...the perfect item to go with a future TK build? Glad to have you here!
  7. DStep

    Hi from Switzerland

    Glad to have you here David! It's great to have a childhood dream come true...I too, am in the same boat.
  8. DStep

    Newbie from England

    Welcome aboard Tom! Hopefully you're not discouraged...sounds like there's good resources available to you. We have a great group here, so there's plenty of help around. I am jealous...wish I was tall enough to do a Vader! Lol
  9. Looking good! I can’t count the number of times I trimmed and test fitted the ears...patience is a virtue lol
  10. DStep

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    Great work...this is coming along nicely!
  11. DStep

    My first build!! ANOVOS ANH stunt TK

    Looking nice, keep up the good work!
  12. DStep

    hey there from SA Texas

    Welcome Christian! Can’t wait to see your build thread and making your dream into reality! This is a great family here!
  13. DStep

    JenEyre's WTF ANH TK Build

    Congrats and welcome to the 501st!
  14. Oh those shins...I did a lot of hot water baths to get my rear cover strips to line up on my ATA kit. Great job so far on your build and the fix on the kidney! Keep up the good work!
  15. DStep

    Geordietrooper ANH build

    Hi Gordon! You’ll be fine...your building experience will just help things go easier. Can’t wait to see the progress pics on your build!