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  1. I know I could do better..... but it has taken me 3 weeks to get the scope rail fabricated and I ran out of patience after the 4th attempt by the fabricators
  2. It's a saturday, the double glazing fitters have let me down....... what else is a guy to do...... I know blaster build!! (Scope rail and counter hanger fabricated) Almost time to get busy with the spray painting
  3. Linz....... that's my train of thought...... I want to be minimum 501st basic clearance....... but the star wars geek in me sez go for centuriom clearance.......... the old cost vs wallet dilemma lol
  4. The hand guards were 3D printed wasnt sure how they would turn out but a flash of white paint and they will fill a gap until i can fund the full kit.......
  5. I had my kit in the box for a week and read about the mods, thought about them and decided against it..... pit my kit 90% together this morning in about 45 minutes, there is a lot of shaping and trimming. I will attach my progress so far for you to compare
  6. Yeah, star wars has been in my blood since i was about 8yr old...... done several comic cons and the UKG blew me away every time but last yr visit to Birmingham Comic Con and a chat with Marc...... he said dreams don't die on their own ........ never was a truer word spoken
  7. Been reading and reading and reading..... almost information overload, but defo worth it!! Downloaded a tech drawing for the scope rail and dropped it off at a metal fabricators today...... hopefully they can come good before the weekend ..... if not its parts from BnQ with a hammer and file job!
  8. Second part of the build....... a trooper isn't a trooper without his blaster
  9. ANH - aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper..... Had its first coat of paint, need work on the print size tho.....
  10. First print from the new 3D printer, got to trim the strands under the chin tho
  11. First print from the new 3D printer, got to trim the strands under the chin tho
  12. Sharpie..... I hadn't thought that...... great idea
  13. Was toying with the idea of cutting a template out of masking/frog tape...... but will try grey and use a finer paint brush
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