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  1. Welcome...you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. BTW, LOVE my ATA armor! Already thinking about another set - and I've only had mine complete for a few months!
  2. What's the source for the hooks? I've looked at every hardware store around me and just can't find them. I did find some on Amazon, but I can't tell what size you are using.
  3. Fourth event - Cub Scout Food Drive and Awards Ceremony Pack 40 Award Ceremony - 12/2/2018 - St. Joe, IL Thumbs up! The DLT-19 makes a great selfie-stick!
  4. Third event was for the Crisis Nursery holiday shop. They let kids come in and shop for gifts for their family (all donated items with the funds raised going to help the Nursery financially) Crisis Nursery Holiday Shop - 12/1/2018 - Champaign, IL
  5. Second event was a benefit for young boy suffering from some serious health issues. Team Wyatt Benefit - Decatur, IL - 11/17/2018
  6. First time out in the TK at a local library event. Please forgive the pauldron - been working on a HWT and just had to wear it out. Family Reading Night - Gibson City, IL - 11/15/2018
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback. I have 2 more troops this year, coming up this weekend, then it's back to the bench to fix and correct the items mentioned above. All are simple fixes and shouldn't take much work at all. Such a great community, glad to be a part of it!
  8. Already approved by my GML, but I know there's a few things to tweak (i.e. elbows, thigh cover strips, and drop boxes have all been mentioned previously). All input appreciated. Detail shots can be supplied if needed.
  9. Yeah, the arms gave me fits. I didn't like the look, but was tired of fighting them. Should be an easy fix. Return edge on the chest armor is an area I noted that needed trimmed back after wearing it for a few hours. Minor trimming. Thanks for pointing it out!
  10. So, now that discussion is going...here's the rest of it. I'll have to take a few detail shots for some things, but if there's anything else you guys see, please let me know!
  11. I wondered about the bells. I've got quite a bit of return edge, so I can pull them in for sure. The biceps won't be too bad to move either, just need to shorten the strap holding them to the shoulder bells. Simple to do. The boxes and thigh cover strips have been noted, and will be fixed as well. Thanks for the input!
  12. Thanks for the feedback Dan, and the complements. All very helpful - and things I wondered about when building. I can fix these all pretty easily. The easiest will be the dropboxes, as they are removable. It's ATA armor, so the boxes have both the front and full-closing rear. I didn't glue them together, but did glue the elastic to each side. They use velcro to hold the two sides together. Simply need to adjust the length of the straps. The cover strip won't be too bad either. Looks like the gap between the halves is filled as well? Simple fix. I will add that to the list. You're correct on the ab buttons as well. I can clip the sides back a bit and be good. I just finished reading the links posted above, and it looks like a few other minor tweaks and I should be able to hit Centurion!
  13. Thanks! I'll have to look at the requirements for EIB and Centurion, but I'm interested. Please, share your suggestions!
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