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  1. Best of luck with #1! Definitely read that section note above. You're gonna have a blast!
  2. Nice job! Inspiration for me to finish mine.
  3. Almost to that first badge Trooper! Nice job!
  4. Troop 52 Lodge Con Peotone, IL 02/08/2020
  5. Hotel

    Event IDing

    Yeah, not a fan myself, but that's the trend these days. Here's the library's page. Still as 2019 info, but this is where it will be updated. https://www.jolietlibrary.org/index.php/en/star-wars-day
  6. Hotel

    Event IDing

    This is from the Joliet Star Wars Day in Joliet, Illinois. Every year, on the first Saturday in June, the library hosts an event. If you are on Facebook, there is a page for it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1821662274828451/ I've gone the last 2 years and it is always a fun day.
  7. Troop 51 Rise of Skywalker Mt. Zion 12/21/2019
  8. Troop 50 Rise of Skywalker Premiere 12/19/2019 Savoy, IL
  9. Troop 49 Toys for Tots Champaign, IL 12/12/2019 (third from the left)
  10. Troop 48 Marshall Holly Days Marshall, IL 12/7/2019
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