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  1. I've been putting all my effort into trying to finish my helmet. For me, seam filling is always the hardest part about foamsmithing, because it's very hard to get perfect. I used lightweight air-dry clay and rubbed it into the seams of my helmet, then I sanded it down and added a layer of wood glue to protect it and help it adhere. I think my armor is going to have a bit more of a OT texture to it, unlike the R1 armor, But I'm okay with that. I did my best. Wouldn't pass centurion level if it was fiberglass, but still pretty good. I also cut out the tube stripes. I think I might have made them a little too big, but I'm still pretty happy with them. The CRL's say between 9 and 13 tube stipes per side, so I'm good I made and painted all the greeblies separate. I'll glue them on after I finish painting the helmet. I left the rank bars unpainted, because I'm going to paint them after I glue them on. The brow trim and vocoder are painted with PlastiDip to give them that rubbery look and feel. The helmet is pretty much ready for it's first coat of paint. Unfortunately It's going to be rainy and wet for the next week, so I have to wait. While I wait, I'm just going to work on filling the seams on the rest of my armor. I've finished making all my armor except for my shins. I didn't want to make the shins, until I had the boots finished, so I could make sure that I'm not making them too small. But I'm having trouble finding a cheap pair of shoes for the base Well It's coming along smoothly so far and I'm becoming more sure that I'll have it finished by the end of the summer!
  2. I almost fell out of my seat when I first saw it! Enough people have seen the bootleg version now. They might as well put up the official version.
  3. Thank you. You're right. I guess I can finish the helmet. Maybe it will look better with all the embellishments. The chin is adhered with hot glue, so if it still bothers me, I can remove it and make another one.
  4. I felt like something was off about my helmet. After staring at it for a long time, I noticed that my "chin" wasn't the right size. It's too short. If I make a new extended piece, then I can also tilt it outward a little. I'm trying to decide if I should leave it be, or make an entirely new "chin". So wanted to ask, Is it that noticeable? This is already my second attempt, so I'm not keen on remaking anything. But if It takes away too much from the costume, then it should be fixed. I felt like I should ask you guys, because where else am I going to get a better opinion?
  5. I got some contact cement, so I was able to make a lot of headway on my helmet! Here's my ear caps. I used hot glue for this part, so I would have a seam between it and the helmet. It's not glued own to the faceplate in this pic by the way. That's why it's sticking out. And here's my "chin". I used air dry clay on the inside of the tubes to make it look like one piece. One side was left undone, so you could see the difference. After it's dried, I'll sand it down. And finally, here's my base helmet. Next I need to fill all the seams, then I can start doing the detail work.
  6. I made the template for the thighs! All I need to do is get some contact cement and I'm all set. I'm not going to make the shins until I have the boots.
  7. I've just been doing whatever I can while I wait for the weather warm up and dry up. I made one ear cap a while ago, and now I'm working on the second one. The first one is not quite done though. The rank bars need to be remade, plus I put them on backwards.
  8. I like the clone trooper inspiration in the special forces helmet.
  9. Thanks! I should start posting more soon. Work has slowed some because of the cold weather.
  10. I've made a little headway in the past week. I finished my arms and started working on strapping. Here's my torso so far. And here's my abdomen. I'm still working on attaching the belt properly. I also added the smaller cover strips to my arms. And I finally started working on the helmet
  11. What color is the ALICE field pack? Black or dark green? It looks green in this picture. But it looks black in this one.
  12. Thank you! I'll make sure to check out the for sale section.
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