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  1. Interested depending on cost and if all electronics are included.
  2. Awesome work as usual Q! When does the ongoing run for these start?
  3. Got it, pried it off with a butter knife!
  4. Finding it really hard to get the aerator off my Anovos lid! Trying to replace it right now, haha.
  5. Doesn't Heston use Germain's 3D print files with permission with Germain?
  6. Ohh they're going to supply you with the TLJ version of the lid! That's interesting.
  7. I gave up in the end Clint and went for a set of David Rodriguez's gaskets, should be much better!
  8. Yeah you're right there Chris, I'll get it in for clearance asap! Also priced up getting my armour painted by a local automotive shop, £240 which I didn't think was too bad... Think I'm going to go for that soon.
  9. Hey Chris, no I haven't put in the new lid in for clearance. I wasn't too sure whether to or not because the rules state that you only need to do it if it changes the overall look of the costume, which seems pretty vague to me! I'll get the new bucket added to my WIP before my next troop though for sure! Along my with some other planned upgrades. My bad. Thanks for the feedback on the paint job too everyone, I'll definitely take some photos in daylight and see how it's looking. My logic with getting the rest of the armour painted is that it could do with a lick of paint as it's got a few scuffs here and there and is looking a little worn out. Also I prefer the colour and gloss on the Anovos ABS lid so I'm trying to get a paint job priced up from a local body shop. If the price gives me a heart attack (which it probably will) maybe I'll see about getting the helmet painted instead!
  10. Hi guys, I recently sold my Anovos Premier Line lid (alpha version) and bought myself an Anovos Standard Line lid instead. The lid looks much more accurate and is great to troop with but I've noticed that it's a slightly different colour to my Anovos alpha armour. The helmet is stark white whereas the rest of my armour looks more of a creamy white in comparison (even though looking at these pics again it doesn't look as bad I thought ) I'm assuming I will need to re-paint the rest of my kit in order to get it to match my new helmet but I just wanted to ask before I go down that road, are there were any other alternatives to whitening? Like Trooperbay's ArmorWhite for example. Cheers folks!
  11. I have tried using a vest top underneath and that makes it very easy to slide the gaskets on, the problem then though is at the end of the troop when you want to de-kit, the gaskets are stuck to your arms from the heat/sweat! I'll give the speaker cloth a try for sure, will any type of speaker cloth be lightweight enough?
  12. Hi guys, I have a set of the Anovos Beta Gaskets and I can deal with the reduced mobility, my biggest gripe however is actually getting them on - specifically the arm gaskets. I have all of the armour attached on with velcro and I try and put them on like a sleeve - it can be done but the rubber on the gaskets grips to my undershirt and makes them very hard to pull up over my arms. Anyone have a remedy for this? Thanks.
  13. Interesting! Never noticed the sling with the trooper, always figured it was something that Rey added herself. Awesome.
  14. Please do! I will be throwing my money at you.
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