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  1. Interested depending on cost and if all electronics are included.
  2. Awesome work as usual Q! When does the ongoing run for these start?
  3. Got it, pried it off with a butter knife!
  4. Finding it really hard to get the aerator off my Anovos lid! Trying to replace it right now, haha.
  5. Doesn't Heston use Germain's 3D print files with permission with Germain?
  6. Ohh they're going to supply you with the TLJ version of the lid! That's interesting.
  7. I gave up in the end Clint and went for a set of David Rodriguez's gaskets, should be much better!
  8. I have tried using a vest top underneath and that makes it very easy to slide the gaskets on, the problem then though is at the end of the troop when you want to de-kit, the gaskets are stuck to your arms from the heat/sweat! I'll give the speaker cloth a try for sure, will any type of speaker cloth be lightweight enough?
  9. Hi guys, I have a set of the Anovos Beta Gaskets and I can deal with the reduced mobility, my biggest gripe however is actually getting them on - specifically the arm gaskets. I have all of the armour attached on with velcro and I try and put them on like a sleeve - it can be done but the rubber on the gaskets grips to my undershirt and makes them very hard to pull up over my arms. Anyone have a remedy for this? Thanks.
  10. Interesting! Never noticed the sling with the trooper, always figured it was something that Rey added herself. Awesome.
  11. That's some amazing work, very well done! Looks so clean and smooth. If you ever want to commission one for me, let me know haha.
  12. At the moment, the only option on their website is to add yourself to the interest list for the product, but was it previously available to pre-order and has now sold out, or will it go up for pre-order for the first time when they get enough interest? I'm interested in picking one of these up, so if it did already go up for pre-order and someone wants to sell theirs, I'm very interested! It looks as though it has some much needed accuracy improvements - mainly the frown. Does anyone know if this has been improved from the previous Premier Line lids? Also liking the fact that it has the aluminium parts.
  13. Having a set of your gaskets would be the absolute dream but they're out of my budget right now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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