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  1. I picked up a set from Ukswrath. I got the Hovi tips, amp, and Icom. So far it works pretty good, I have not gotten to troop with it yet, but others in my garrison use it and like it. They did recommend a speaker box on their belt for larger events though.
  2. It is an Anovos kit and they will not give extra abs or tell me the color, they just recommended I take it to a shop and have someone try to color match. I have pleanty of abs paste that I made for some touch ups. The shim is slightly off from the armor color wise but if you look at the picture its really close. I guess I will have to suck it up and try to shim it that way.
  3. Is it possible to get it approved with this type of shim. I ask because I used a glue on the shim that damaged my thigh armor when I tried to remove it, I do not want to damage the kidney as I did the thigh armor.
  4. I considered have the two edges come together and using abs paste, but based on experience shimming my thighs I did not want to go that route. Additionally the shim it not the same abs as the armor, it is a bit thicker and less flexible.
  5. Yes the shim is mounted to the kidney plate. It is lined up between the top and bottom return edge.
  6. So this is how I did the shim and rivets for my left side. I also painted them white. Is this passable for centurion level?
  7. I don't recall as I got it back in June. But I just googled white abs plastic and bought it fro ma vendor that was online. It was not very expensive.
  8. I used ABS plastic that I go online. It is slightly thicker than the armor but easy to work with and heat form.
  9. Hey guys, I have my ANH stunt helmet and I am looking at getting a speaker set up and maybe a hearing set up. I already have a dual fan cooling kit from Ukswrath. I am just looking for some feedback to what everyone is using and how well they like it. I was looking at uks hovi speaker set (option 8), but had someone from my garrison say they needed to use another amp on his belt to be heard at all at any larger troops. If anyone has some recommendations or feedback no what they currenlty use that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Sly11 I think I get what you are saying. I will do the measurements for the ab side first then line them up with where my shim will meet, then measure the rivet locations for the shim side.
  11. Thanks, yes I would need a set of them. However, I live in Alaska, so I cant ask you to pay to ship them here.
  12. Is it 3 on each side? So the shim and the ab?
  13. Maybe I just got lucky. I ordered a complete ANH TK kit in April last year and I got it two weeks later. I guess with all of the new kits they are making for the latest movies they are probably taking on a lot more than they are used to.
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