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  1. Pride, Honor, Brotherhood, Happiness, Giving, Love, Tears, Pain, Smiles, Community, Helping, Wonder, Awe and Family My Son and I
  2. heres the how to on posting pics from photo hosting sites http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/tutorials/article/48-posting-images-in-threads-2015/
  3. i believe that the 20mm x 20mm is correct. I would have to get home from work tonight to measure mine to be sure. but i am positive i followed Tonys build advice on that one
  4. Welcome to the FISD forums! was cool to meet you and help with your submission photos sunday at the con! RainTrooper(Jason) usually does the TK GML stuff for CCG. you should be good to go soon!!
  5. def agree with this. with your height and weight you will likely be able to leave alot of return edges on once you get it all fitted and trooping you will find where you want to take off some return edges for comfort. some parts fit/feel better with no return edges(tops of thighs is a big one) if you are able to leave some return edges but you are getting armor bites while wearing you can always add some foam into your armor in spots to keep it from nipping at you
  6. what i did is line up and fit mine with some tape on the inside so i could draw a line down where the outer half is overlapping(it helps to have another person do the line for you). then i measured from the edge of the armor to that line and took off half of that measurement from each side. I left a little extra on each side just to make sure i didnt get to tight. I would also recommend only cutting 1 side first and then refitting and making sure everything still works before making the cut on the other piece so that you can make sure everything still lines up ok. that can also get you a very straight line drawn to cut on and almost match the edges up to butt together better.. Hopefully that makes sense.
  7. I personally use the hard hat liner(bought a entire hard hat with adjustable suspension liner for 6 bucks at home depot) what i did was keep the tabs that slot into the hard hat on the strapping system and then used velco to put it into the bucket. I am using an AP bucket though and those are usually a bit smaller then the others so YMMV...
  8. Looks good Riley! It won't hurt for EIB but don't forget about adding some foam in the knee of the sniper calf and the back side of the thigh. Will pop that sniper plate out. I may have to switch to the bracket style strapping after seeing you never have a snap issue the last few troops,
  9. Use the e6000 glue... It's super strong but you can still take it apart.. With the CA(super) glue... Once it's together it's never coming apart... Makes for headaches when you mess up! Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  10. There are quite a few build threads that show excellent images of shimming being done. you will have to cut some ABS sheet to the same size up and down as your ab/kidney. make an inner strip to create a butt joint(you are basically extending the ab and or kidney to fit your waist and leave no gap where it connects) then you will need to make some abs paste out of small scrap bits of abs and acetone. fill the space in between the butt joint with the abs paste like you would bondo. let dry. sand it down smooth. fill any more imperfections. sand and smooth again. when it all looks like one piece and is smooth then you polish with plastic polish. most people on FISD use the novos 1/2/3 polish kit. you may also prior to polishing hit the plastic in that area with 1500-3000 grit wet sand paper to get super smooth. This is for getting centurion and ESB certifications. Where basically the most undersuit you want to see in the gap where ab connect to kidney is 1mm or less when standing straight with your arms at your sides. good luck!!!
  11. I wouldn't remove anything from the ab until you have it setup with the kidney as well. then you can meet in the middle with the trimming. will make the clam shell easier to fit and adjust(and all the strapping will be right in the middle of your side. as for the brackets- I didn't use them but i think right where your return edge is right now would be about the minimum i would go down to. I have seem a lot of people use some scrap abs and cut rectangles out to double the thickness of the ABS where the brackets are to prevent the screws from tearing out.
  12. DONE! Ty all for running this site and ALL the resources in it!!
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