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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going through your build thread page by page and it’s amazing. I’ll be starting soon with the arms, hopefully that’ll go smoother than with my TK. As before I waited til the armor arrived before really researching, so it’s all slowly falling into place. I have a ton of questions but I’ll ask as I go.
  2. I got the armor last week and am still waiting on the helmet. First impressions are that it’ll need a lot of trimming. My ANH TK was AM2.0 so I’m a bit spoilt with the thickness of that plastic. This seems a lot thinner so I’ll be reinforcing as I go. A couple of parts look different to the KB threads I’m following. The back-yoke is a 2 piece not 3. The firearms are 2 piece opposed to 4 and the torso back is shorter than the front. If anyone has put one of these together recently I’d love to hear how it went. My last TK took 18 months, hopefully this’ll be around 6.
  3. Here’s mine that’s been done pretty much with this thread as the only reference. Not 100% done but I can at least put it together now. It’s made to split in 2 while still remain sturdy when together. Thanks for the thread and all your detail, I’ll keep an eye on it for more additions.
  4. Glad to hear you’re still going to post more. I’ve been using this as a guide, though so far mine is nowhere near as nicely done. I’ve also made some major mistakes but it’s all good.
  5. The brow might be tricky to fix without pulling the helmet apart. Maybe if I grind away the rim but that'll be a bit nervy. I quite like how it looks otherwise, a bit more menacing. I hadn't really thought about it before.
  6. I need to clean up the vocoder and maybe the ab buttons and I think I need a blaster upgrade before EIB.
  7. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25491 TK-15020 requesting access please.
  8. Got my basic approval. Very happy to have finally made it. Will address a few things I know need attention, then will be submitting for EIB. Not sure I want to hear the official verdict on my build, but it can only help me in the long run. Thanks for all the comments, I'll post a fuller set of pics when I get round to uploading then to the new host.
  9. Assuming I get approved for basic, I'm going to go to a few troops as a handler and see how it all works. I've tried to compromise between ease of motion and keeping the cuts to a minimum but I still can't completely suit up on my own. Just can't get that 2nd arm on without help. Plus the whole thing makes a racket when I walk about, not very stealthy. I may very well end up trimming the thighs more, but I'll wait for now.
  10. Since photobucket has changed their terms, I'll be switching to imageshack, ever so slowly.
  11. Well I might be finally done. I'm sure there are details I missed and improvements that can be suggested. I await comments with a glass of Scotch.
  12. Yeah, my accumulated excess beer calories mean the belt doesn't sit well. The straps may well be overkill but they don't do any harm right now. If I continue to lose my gut at a decent rate I may just cut them off. The belt is a stiff utility belt so doesn't deform with added weight. It was really cheap on eBay but works well.
  13. My thigh harness and TD. I had to buy the screws for the TD online as my local Lowes and Home Depot didn't have the right slotted head type. I had to take off 1/4" from the pipe, but now the whole thing is right at 7.5". Right now I'm leaving both ends unglued as I'd really like to figure out some way of making it into storage. Also, if the screws somehow come loose it'd be nice to have easier access. The harness works pretty well and once I'm done with final fitting I'll lock in the braces, right now they're still loose. I also made changes to the arm and shoulder strapping, left forearm and right shoulder bell to bicep. The left forearm strap is now a lot shorter and the elastic doesn't bunch up when I bend my arm. The right shoulder to bicep has the snaps pushed higher up. When I was raising my right arm high, to put on my bucket, the bicep was moving up and pulling off the lower snap. Having the double connection higher and nearer the shoulder bell curve has fixed this.
  14. More extensive test fit with all the major pieces. Walking is easy, though everything makes noise. The butt piece keeps getting pushed out so will need some adjustment. I removed the sniper knee as it was giving me too much grief. I'll have to figure out what to do with that later. I'm fairly happy with everything else, the shoulders will need some attention where they attach to the white strapping between the chest and back. Right now the elastic pulls out a little, so I'll have to secure that too. I still have a lot of fairly minor things to do to get it all comfortable and any tips, especially with the legs, would be much appreciated. Other major parts still outstanding are, the TD, mounting fans and audio inside the bucket, both knees, all cover strips, shin Velcro, attach the button plates, get gloves with latex handguards. If I get approved after doing all that, I may go back and redo all the connections with double snaps. I'd feel a lot more confident once that's done, though nothing came apart in the test fit. Now that I'm close to being done I'll sign up to be a handler soon. I was putting it off til I was close to finishing. If anyone see anything off please chime in.
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