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  1. Yes. There are some more pictures in this thread.
  2. Not much progress recently. I started trimming the chest and back pieces and think they should be ok. My main concern is making the chest piece sit flush with the over the shoulder pieces. I may have trimmed the chest prematurely before seeing where the best trim lines would be. I have a question for the resident experts, I’ll probably ask it on KB’s Facebook page too. What’s the best way to trim off the excess resin/fiberglass from inside the helmet? I was using clippers but am worried I’ll fracture the helmet in a place I want to keep, or just make a crack somewhere. Do you just use a dremel cutting wheel or sander? There are also some places on the exterior I’m unsure how to approach. Any ideas will be most welcome.
  3. Just a rough cut for now. I can just get my head through but it might be harder when it’s all together. I was considering fixing the sides to the inside of the back plate wings so as to minimize movement and protect the weak point at the shoulder. May have to reconsider as I think it’ll be really hard to put on. I have to trim the chest plate too before doing much more so that I can figure out how it all fits together.
  4. You mean on the sides to add strength? I think I’m going to add some extra around those areas as I’ve seen lots of pictures of cracking
  5. The biceps close ok though I should’ve done a better job glueing the inner cover strip. Getting glue consistently all the way to the edge of the bicep half was important and I missed some. It’ll probably be ok but if I had a second chance..... i also just started trimming the back and yoke. It’ll be interesting to see how many ways I can mess that up.
  6. Another question I had was about the helmet. Do you typically replace the black mesh looking material with actual mesh to make it breathable? Don’t fancy drilling out all those holes
  7. Also, the biceps look like possible trouble. I tried to reshape them but I’m worried how they’ll look once the inside is attached. They were really shallow when I received them and the detail very soft. And rough cuts on the bells Probably going to do the yoke/back/chest next, can’t wait.....
  8. Amazing what a bit of a rant can accomplish..... Doesn’t look like the cleanest of casts but I’ve nothing to compare it to. Lenses were included, but what do people typically use?
  9. The same as the kit maker. I know Anovos keeps people waiting for literally years so I may be being a little impatient. I just don’t like being told that it’s about to be pulled, or it’s being shipped tomorrow and then crickets. I want to hear that it’ll ship in x weeks/months and then it does. If there’s an issue, post on the Facebook page. Honestly, if I had known it’d come separately I might’ve gone with a different maker or chosen a completely different kit for my next one, such as Boba or Jango. Saying that, I’ll be very happy once this is all together.
  10. so I’m really slow at building. Almost done with the forearms, just need to detail the front. You can’t really tell from the picture but the plastic on the sides is so thin that it’s a bit warped where it’s glued to the side of the insert. I don’t dare try to pull it apart as it’d probably tear. Hopefully won’t be too visible once painted. I’m considering adding fiberglass to the inside to reinforce them. Moving on to the biceps, they were very shallow and I’ve had to heat them to shape them a bit rounder. They still aren’t great but should be ok. Not sure how this kind of thing gets through from the production line. A little QC would be nice. Have to say I’m also getting a little miffed at constantly being told that my helmet is on the way when it isn’t. 2-3 weeks has turned into 4 months. I know that isn’t long compared to some, but all I ask is for a straight answer, not some bs to placate me for another 2 weeks. Rant over...... for now
  11. Having looked at The Swede’s KB build I may have to reshape these to make the clips parallel to the outside ridge. I REALLY don’t want to have to cut them, so I’ll move on for now and see how the rest goes
  12. Finally got time to do some trimming. The new 2 piece KB forearms are a bit different than most of what I’ve seen before. Obviously got a lot of work to do before glueing but wanted to share. I do t see anything on the crl about return edges so will reduce them significantly. They may end up more boxy than I’d have liked, but we’ll see. I had to redo my ANHTK arms a few times before I was happy with them too.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Both halves of my biceps look very shallow. Once I get going I’ll post pics in my thread. I’ll be referencing yours for sure.
  14. Great build thread. I just got the KB armor but am waiting on the helmet. I may have missed it, but do you have pictures of the biceps? Mine look pretty flat and am wondering if I have to modify them. I was also wondering about how to handle the torso until I saw this. Makes me feel a bit better about things, though still a bit apprehensive about the whole build.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going through your build thread page by page and it’s amazing. I’ll be starting soon with the arms, hopefully that’ll go smoother than with my TK. As before I waited til the armor arrived before really researching, so it’s all slowly falling into place. I have a ton of questions but I’ll ask as I go.
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