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ROTJ lenses re bubbled


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As I like a choice of colours to look through, I thought I'd have a go at making some bubbled lenses.


Here's the lense strip that a couple of ppl here sell, AFIK



using an old mrce lense as a rough template, mark out the desired shape & cut with a small hand saw :)





Pre heat the oven to gas mark 140




make a rough mount for the lenses



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Pop the lenses ontop of the mount & bake for 5-6 min's, keeping a check on how they are bending over the mount.


have the lid somewhere close by & ready for the insert.




Check the lenses with some tweezer for the desired flexability & when happy quick as a flash take them out of the oven & pop them into the lid.






to get the desired bubblyness I used a wooden file handle & exherting a small force push the lenses into the socket.



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To save me from spending needless time hanging round for them to cool, remove them from the lid & throw them in a cup of cold water.




this was an afterthought during the process, so I ditched the Tea & did'nt bother rinsing the cup out :blush:


Once cool, about 30 sec's remove & look at the acute bends your handy work has created




Now pop the lenses into the lid & glue, or however you want to stick them in there.



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repeate the process for the other eye socket & pop that into the lid aswell.




here's a pic shot outside with a flash






& here's the same minus the flash




last one in doors with a flash close up




please ignore the spelling <_< & grammer :( I hope you just enjoy the pic's :)

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Dude - that's awesome!! :)


Good looking ROTJs are very hard to find (most IMHO aren't that great). I'm excited to see you taking this on.

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Thanks Guy's :) I hope it's given some more options for folks making ANH Hero lenses too? B)


It's also possible using this method to make a long strip with both lenses attached, thats if you want to miss out the measuring & cutting stage & or is lazy :rolleyes: but you will need two small wooden file handles & a very long Cup for the cold water :D

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Dude try it with a spoon, not a wooden handle


I used to use a ladies Obsession perfume bottle top. Perfect fit






No wonder you always smelled bloody nice!! ^_^



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Dude try it with a spoon, not a wooden handle


I used to use a ladies Obsession perfume bottle top. Perfect fit




Thanks but


I have tried it with all manner of things inc several spoon's & the little wooden handle was the best thing I found out of all of them, but I guess you can get similar reults with all manner of different objects, I just found that the handle worked for me for the end look I was after. A that fact the wood did'nt contuct any heat was just a bonus aswell!


BTW for those trying this: If anything goes wrong first time around :o just bang the lenses back into the oven & re heat, any kink's will work out again as the plastic returns to it's original state. :)


So you get to have as many goes to perfect to your preference, that includes excellent see through visabilty when looking head on, try it when you experiment when making the lenses.

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Hey Matti,


I'm real happy that it helped out your situation but for other's who've been in contact!! about ROTJ or HERO bubbled lenses Alert alert alert! if you have a thin & or flimsy lid? from either materials or build?


pls pm me first for an update, untill I get the free time to offer the alternative way of doing lenses without compromising your hard earned $$$ & or lid.


nxt update to follow over the nxt weekend for all troopers, HERO's or ROTJ's. B)


it will cost you 2-3 bucks for lenses and not much skill B)

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I was a bit worried as the lid is made of HIPS. Therefore I took some leftover plastic from the trimming and tested if there would be trouble. It was no problem at all, thank god... The faceplate plastic is thicker compaired to my ATA, so I guess that could be a good thing.


I suggest people try on something else before doing the lid (thats a good advice in many cases).


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