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  1. I've had my Doopy blaster for years and I've really liked it. I've finally decided to upgrade it and add the cylinders and counter, but I'm not sure on how to add them. Thought I'd run it by the experts here for some suggestions. This is what I currently have
  2. This is what I've used for my TD and my TI. I can fit my entire TD (without the helmet) in there.
  3. It kills me to see them do it, but it looks like LFL is continuing the trend of TKs with pauldrons. Sadly they are not just for Sandies anymore. How awesome is it to see classic TKs on the screen again though?
  4. Love the detailed breakdown of the new armor. Kinda wishing I hadn't retired my FX suit now Looking at the suits I really can't shake the "This is an FX suit with an upgraded helmet" look. They still look like TKs, just not exactly like the ANH TKs. I do agree with what was said before about these might be modified suits for stunts since most of the TKs in action are getting blown up or thrown around, or the suits may have been changed to better accommodate stunt rigs and harnesses for the action scenes. It's gonna be hard to modify any of the current suits out there right now to match this look.
  5. I recently got a voice amp unit, it's not an Aker but it's about the same size. I want to put it under my chest armor, either front or back I haven't yet decided. My biggest concern is how much I frequently sweat during an average troop. I was looking for suggestions about the best possible placement and/or waterproofing or ways to avoid damage due to sweat. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Personally I really like the look of the armor. It would make a very impressive display piece without the work of having to build a kit to just display. I think the helmet looks a bit off. The shape just doesn't feel right to me, the eyes seem off. If this is a multi-piece helmet, it could be an assembly issue, but if it's a one piece helmet like others have said in here, I have to wonder. At some point someone with enough money and time will try to make one of these acceptable.
  7. After Saturday's troop I think the modifications actually worked out well. I do need to adjust the placement on my left side because the straps have too much play and not enough tension to hold. I didn't feel any poking or pinching and they weren't difficult to put on or take off. For anyone thinking about doing this, I don't think you need to make the straps as long as I made them. Most of the photos show them much shorter and you could probably get away with them being shorter.
  8. 2nd shin done tonight. The glue on the elastic seems to be holding. I'd post pictures but it's pretty much the same as the other side. A few issues with the length and placement, but nothing too bad. This would probably be much easier to do before the halves were put together.
  9. Straps and hooks are sewn. I'm trying to glue them in place, I've never had much luck with this but I'm going to try it. If this works, I'll do the other one tomorrow.
  10. I need to have it done for this weekend's troop, some people have wondered how the hook method will work on my FX shins. I can tell already it's going to need more work, but I wont know exactly what to do until after the troop. Nothing like last minute fixes right before a troop to test them out.
  11. Step 1 - Remove the velcro and as much of the sticky goop as I could get off. Step 2 - Drill the holes for the hooks. Step 3 - Add elastic Step 4 - Profit!
  12. I need to redo the closure on my calves and I've heard about the movie accurate way to do it with the elastic hook and eye. But I couldn't find any threads about it. Anyone have threads or pictures to help me get it started.
  13. 2 things learned on this build tonight. 1. Krylon paint is garbage, and I'll never use it again. 2. Don't rush these things, but make sure you have a deadline. I put down the coat of black paint on this and it's a mess. The paint was spraying unevenly, clogging, had a weird nozzle, the button would stick, just a nightmare of painting. The railing is glued in place, so it's pretty much good to go. Just needs some touch up work here and there. I've had a lot of fun building this, and I would do it again, especially considering what I've learned in doing this one. The gun has a good heft to it and feels solid. I'll have to see how it does on a troop tomorrow. I'm just so happy to not have to use my Hasbro anymore.
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