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  1. Use a primer! Yes by all means use a primer! That's my paint of choice as well but its some finickey stuff. And like Julie said, it has a pretty long cure time so it can take several weeks for the paint to solidify all the way to the plastic. But the finish is amazingly glossy.
  2. Looking good, your attention to detail will make for a good looking blaster!
  3. I wish Jedi Robe would trip and fall into a sarlac pit. They sell crap armor for insane prices. It sure would be nice if FISD could telepathically sense aspiring new troops and beat JR to the punch.
  4. Armor isn't brittle like wearing a suit of crackers. You can practically play football in ABS armor. Cyclic stresses are your worst enemy. Over time parts that get flexed continously will tend to fail over time. No big deal because just about every armorer out there is happy to sell you a replacement part for a reasonable price so just build your armor to the best of your ability and if a part happens to break get a replacement and get back on the battlefield. Don't stress yourselves fellas. Its nothing to worry about. I promise you.
  5. Nurturing my Love-Hate relationship with Rustoleum Gloss White Facepalm trooper with his new ears - Thanks ATA!
  6. What a coincidence LoL, I just got back on the resin casting horse and posted a sale thread for some of these parts this morning. Have a look at em
  7. I have 10 year old GF ABS Armor. Its been on display on a mannequin for the past 3 years. Its still a beautiful pristine white. Painted armors will yellow over time. There's now way to avoid it. My display is crowned with a 5 year old painted TE2 helmet and it has started to yellow a wee bit. Cigarette smoke will yellow a painted helmet in record time. All plastics are not created equally. I lost a drop box and replaced it with an AP and over time the AP drop box has slightly yellowed in comparison to the GF parts.
  8. ATA saves the day! Got my new ears in the mail today in practically record time! Love that guy!
  9. Yep thats a surefire tell of SDS armor and those recasted from it. "cough" Jedi robe....
  10. The ears on facepalm trooper are ATA, the rest of the bucket parts are from CAP-W. The ATA buckets in ABS are my current top recommendation
  11. Here he is next to his brother. Facepalm trooper is on the right.
  12. Yeah, its a pair of leftover ears from an ATA kit I put together not long ago. This bucket is a mix and match from parts I've had lying around here and there. They do fit pretty good, its all in the trimming. I've actually considered leaving it as is and continuing the build. I put 2 buckets together today and didn't realize what I had done til I had them sitting side by side.
  13. Nope all screws, I can fix it but I gotta get a new set of ears from ATA. Its one of those things where you paint the mona lisa and when you step back and look at the finished product you realize you painted her ears on the wrong side.
  14. Man you got yourself one snazzy looking blaster! Glad I could lend a helping hand. That stock has been sitting in the bottom of my gun safe for over a year just waiting on the perfect home. Glad to see it put to good use!
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