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  1. it took me 7 days to build my AP Kit...TK armor is so easy compared to doing a clone
  2. TK8280

    New to Costuming

    Welcome to the FISD Brandon!
  3. thats why I like EPII clone helmets hahaha
  4. i know oin the original suit i modeled my build after the shoulders were velcro'd, the belt facing is the only place that had the small rivets
  5. TK8280

    TK vs. Mando?

    you forget how anal it was in the begining stages of Elite/ EIB troopers Scott lol
  6. I like the smiles i bring to a child's face and their parent's reactions, the many charity’s that I have helped with because of the 501st and the love of 100% correct props
  7. I am now a trainer for ultra endurance athletes, and am a sports nutritionist specializing in Ultra endurance...I am always here to offer any advice I can to my fellow troopers about what I did to change my life
  8. Me at 200 pounds... me at 285 pounds... PRESENT DAY
  9. I used to weigh 350 pounds, and now am almost to my goal weight of 175 pounds...My story... On December 6th 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis…My initial attack from my disease left me partially paralyzed from the neck down…Prior to my attack I was an offensive lineman for my college football team weighing in at 315 pounds…and after I got sick I went from muscles to fat weighing in at 350 pounds at my worst…I lived in this state of paralysis for 10 months, when my body slowly started to come back…I gained about 65% of the feeling back in my body to this day I still feel the reminisce of my attack that hit me almost 8 years ago …But Since that point where I thought my life ended, going into many depressive states, I have lived a more fuller life than I did in the 20+ years leading to my diagnosis… Me at about 290 pounds... Me around 275 pounds Me at about 260 pounds me at about 240 pounds me at about 220 pounds
  10. Thats great Brian, I remember when you joined all those days ago...you have done so much for the FISD community brother!
  11. What Brian Said, and you my want to "consider" cutting a little off the bottom your chest plate so it sits on your body type better...(you don't have to do it) its just me and the shoulder straps look funky from behind
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