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  1. Haha...love it. Some of those comments are priceless.
  2. Man, you guys look great!! TM's armour is stunning, love the DL aswell.
  3. Great photos, Scott!! Thanks for sharing them.
  4. From what i've seen of him on the TV he seems like a real nice guy, and a great rider aswell.
  5. Didn't happen to see John Mcguinness did you?
  6. Great pics Scott!! I love watching the Moto GP mostly but have been trying to watch a bit of the TT now & then.
  7. Who currently does ROTJ lids? I know JoeR is selling a few, TE aswell. That all the makers?
  8. That pack looks amazing!! Can't wait to see pics of your whole costume Nathan
  9. That is one sick collection!! I wanna go there
  10. Very nice, Tony!! I say keep it. If you wanna show more pics, post away
  11. Love seeing ROTJ lids aswell. Looks great. Who's the maker?
  12. Lol. Thank god i'll be 667 now then
  13. I think i'm still along way from 1000 posts. I guess i'm just not that helpful, lol.
  14. That has to be my favourite Greed quote
  15. I thought it was a toy aswell at first, lol. Very nicely done!
  16. I think there are trial versions availible on the net. For the type of thing you're wanting to do, i'd use Illustrator. But try both first
  17. Fiberglass is quite a bit more heavier than ABS, more fragile aswell. I've got a fiberglass 3PO head and am more worried about that breaking than my AP TK. If it fell i think it'd just fall apart. If the AP fell, it'd probably bounce, lol.
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