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ROTJ lenses re bubbled


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Excellent work on the lense's Matti B)


Nice curve & great bubbly quality. :)


Thanks! I used a spoon for baby food. It has a great curve for trooper eyes.


Today I used a heat gun and bended the lense edges more like the inside of the helmet (They were NOT inside the lid at the time!). When bubbying them the edges got weird.



Thanks again for the tut!

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I used hotglue today to get the lenses in position. Oh man that was a horrible experience. It turned out ok, but the faceplate eyes started to warp in one spot... On the other hand I prefer the rugged edge look so its not a big problem.


But a word of causon. It could destroy the lid for sure.

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I always use E6000 to glue the lenses in. There is no heat involved to do any damage. Only down side is the dry time, but it's worth the wait :)


sage words from Paul B)


I'll never use superglue again thats for sure, what a dissaster. nice bubbled lenses with an added chalky white film all over them. :(


I've three small jobs left on the work bench & then will be able to update this topic on not damaging the lid, if there's any interest?

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