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  1. Good on ya matey, nice to see someone getting it right Whatever happened to this Glorious place,...it's like the blind leading the blind...sheeeshh!!!
  2. Why is everyone talking about bifurcated / split rivets for the ammo pack when the originals used single caps?
  3. This how I do mine, I found it a hell of a lot easier than using an hammer
  4. Available from all major Dry Cleaning outlets
  5. Yerrp, why do anything simple when you can over complicate things and ignore all the tried and tested ways that worked so well Evidence of this can also be found on the R1 Shoretrooper
  6. Hmmmmm, now I'd be up for that "Taste-Test-Challenge" matey Please tell you have a Caribbean holiday with Salma Hayek up for grabs as first prize 'coz I'll start packing my bags right now.
  7. Yerrp, there are a good few subtle differences but on the whole the standard TFA trooper suit can be used as a base for the Captain Phasma armour as it utilises around 95% of the same parts. The additional / different parts mainly being, Flame Trooper cod, C3PO ’style’ fingers guards, hand and wrist plates, shin extensions, double boot plates, and of course that awesome cape. You would also need to go for a purpose made lid (as stated) as they are completely different.
  8. ....or maybe uses their persuasive powers on the GML in the form of a nice few bottles of cold Heineken Now,...where did I put that review kit?
  9. ...sorry, "side by side" means EXACTLY! that, each piece photographed next to each other to establish any possible comparisons and similarities, how can anyone say that these pictures in anyway make it "CLEAR" ?
  10. I’m always surprised, and somewhat humbled, to see my old ‘Bill-a-grams’ still being used as a point of reference to help guys with their builds, especially since a good few of ‘em were produced many, many years ago and methods and information as progressively changed throughout this time. Quite a few have been updated over the years as and when needed but please bear in mind that they were only ever intended as a rough guide to help or in many cases to answer someone’s specific question.
  11. Ab buttons are there, all be it modified as per the rest of the suit and lid. One of the most frustrating things about the Rogue One TK is the complete disregard for continuity of the original costume. The timeline for the story is supposed to be days/weeks before ANH so the costumes should for all means and purposes be the same for any and all established characters. I get the ‘Then-and now’ angle that many have voiced regarding construction, ease of use, cleaner visual appearance, etc., etc., but I’m sorry, you can’t tell me that with all the modern technology that we now have regarding design, materials and manufacturing that if they REEEEELLY wanted to they couldn’t have come up with a functional and practical version that fits the bill whilst retaining the full essence and elements of the originals. I think it’s pretty obvious that Disney/the Costume designers wanted to stamp their own mark and come up with THEIR version, THEIR interpretation, THEIR take on the costume, regardless of what others may think. I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies, it could have been worse, it least we didn’t end up with Schumacher style nipples.
  12. Yerrp, still trying to track down what they were
  13. There should be some nice clear pics start to surface now its released on download & Blu-Ray, but in the meantime here's a few references gathered together over the last year
  14. You may be mixing ESB up with ROTJ regarding bubble lenses in the helmet. The ESB Armour and helmets were for the most part reused, freshened up and slightly modded ANH costumes (with a few exceptions of new Mk.II examples sneaking in and not calling attention to its self ).
  15. Yerrp, as Mark said "It's accurate" and exactly how the original screen used helments were put on
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