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I'm new here from Woodstock Ontario

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Hello and welcome aboard, lots of info in the "Getting Started Section". You may also want to check out your local garrison, many have armor workshops which may be able to help you build, here is the list of garrisons and squads https://www.501st.com/members/displayUnits.php

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2 hours ago, Kyrutrt445 said:

My local Garrison I have to be a member to access their forums 

You can sign up to your local unit and gain basic access to their forums. Once you introduce yourself there and ask a few questions, no doubt will will find a helpful member that will give you a hand :)  It's how the whole system works in every country around the world and its why the 501st is successful. We are a family and love to help and build armour.



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Welcome Kyle. You may not be a member of your forums yet, but you will be soon enough. It took me almost a month to be able to sign in to my local garrison's forums. Your access should be much swifter since I happened to apply right as there was some major changes. Bad timing on my part. In the mean time, do follow the links provided here. Initially looking into joining the 501st is a very daunting task when you first join these forums. There are dozens of armorers who specialize in normal storm troopers alone, some armorers specialize in other types like scouts or clones. The armor that suits you may not suit everyone. There are armors that lend themselves to durability, to the height and weight of individuals, to the cost and so much more. I can't stress it enough that you will want to make sure you do your research, the search bar on the top is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural. Search for build threads, search for armorers. See what other people are getting before you buy your own. Thorough research can make all the difference from blowing all your money on a less than ideal armor. I did this twice, so I know the pain. Please stop by this thread before you go looking for armor

There are many great vendors out there, most of whom have accounts on here and you can PM them, or find their emails in one of many threads dedicated to their info. For as many of the great vendors out there, there are... shudders recasters out in the wild internet. These kits tend to be far worse quality than the ones you can find here. That, or you may end up not receiving any kit at all!

When receiving armor recommendations, be sure to search for build threads on that piece so you know what you are getting into. Check what the vendor's wait times are, the reviews of members on this forum. I ignore reviews on sites like Etsy/ebay and would rather get opinions from the peeps here. There are a few exceptions for certain armorers who are vetted and offer goods on Etsy, but always take a grain of salt when you are on those sites regardless.

I hope to not be too scary here. The main lesson I want you to take with you is that you should take your time. Take your time doing the research, take your time putting your kit together, and when you gain access to the forums, say hi! I made a post on my garrison's forum introducing myself a week or two ago, and I immediately got into contact with people in the same city as me, and I'll be having dinner with them this Friday! I'm expecting about 5+ people showing up, all just for a new person they met on a forum, what a welcoming! As Andrew said, we are a family and we always love fresh company! Everyone here wants to see you succeed, always remember that!

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1 hour ago, TKSpartan said:

Welcome to FISD Kyle.  


Be sure to take a look to this additional forum section before you buy your armor.





According to his other topic he already ordered (from RS so it looks like he read that topic alteady)

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Hello and welcome to the FISD, Kyle! As was pointed out to you on our forums and here as well, your local garrison is the Canadian Garrison.

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Welcome aboard Kyle, I agree with Spartan. As for your garrison, you can ask their members directly, maybe the team that is closest and to which you will go and join as soon as you complete your storm ...

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Hi Kyle and welcome aboard future Trooper! 


Have a read in the “Getting Started-Read this First” section, as there is some really good info in there for new members.


Then, have a read in “Costuming and Builds” section to discover other troopers who are building (or have built) the same armor as you! Really good tips, examples, pictures, previously answered questions, and successes here.


In addition to looking at all the various build threads, I highly recommend checking out the “Advanced Tactics” section where you can see examples of those who have taken their armor to the next levels of screen accuracy (EIB and Centurion).  I’d recommend that you aim to build to one of the certification levels, as TK’s look their best at these levels. It's really not hard to acquire EIB or Centurion, and it’s best to do during your build rather that after.


If, and when, you’re looking for other bits –and-pieces, accessories, boots, blasters, electronics, etc., be sure to check out the “Imperial Commissary/PX” section for items for sale, project runs, and for other stuff that most of the troopers use.


Also, make contact with your local Garrison (you already have & welcome to our Tantive FB Page!). They’ll help guide you through the process of becoming a member of the 501st, and may have local Armor Parties in the works where you can get hands-on build advice and guidance, not to mention meet members of your future Garrison.


So, start a build thread here on FISD; post lots of pictures and questions. We are all here to help you out and to make sure you look your best, and represent the 501st as best as possible.


All the best on your TK journey! :dancing-trooper:

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