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  1. April 20th 2019 - Barrie Comic Con. Another small collectors show. Lots of fun hunting for stuff and talking with LARPers, and of course smiling kids of all ages.
  2. April 13th 2019 - The Princess Ball in Toronto. Huge money raised for make a wish, and huge smiles on the faces of lots of little princesses! Rey gets more attention than Vader!
  3. Welcome aboard! This place is an amazing resource for everything you'll need for your build. I'd start by gathering all of your supplies, soft goods, and getting your boots ordered (they can take a while!). Read lots, ask lots of questions, post lots of pictures! (Set up an IMGUR account if you haven't yet). I look forward to your build thread!
  4. Hi Jared - Yeah, lots more pictures would be great. Take a look at the list for Expert Infantry even and post those. That will give us a good idea of where you are. At a quick glance I'd say you're off to a good start!
  5. Great start! I'd say your belt is sitting a bit low - It should cover the bottom of the ab buttons. Also - the cloth looks to be a really light weave (comments from the experts?) Mic tips could use some weathering and it's hard to tell if they are white on the inside or not. You're also missing a few photos, such as the sniper knee (all 3 sides) as well as the thigh ammo pack attachment.
  6. I think you're off to a good start. Here are a couple of minor things I spotted: Alignment on the side looks off - The rivets should line up horizontally and the tops of each section should be aligned as well. Looks like you're high on the left and low on the right (back plate that is). It's also overlapped on the right side. There's also something funky going on with your right shoulder strap. Tube stripes look a tad low as well. I'd also look for helmet shots straight on from all 4 sides. Good luck!
  7. I think the above comments have it all, at least to my quick review. You'll be there in no time!
  8. Awesome! Have fun, post lots of pics and ask lots of questions.
  9. I would want a final assembly fitting before any trimming to size, but it looks like you're on the right track.
  10. That amount of reading will take care of my #2s for a week or so Looks impressive!
  11. I used a backer and some ABS paste to fill it in. I stuck the end of a scrap bit of ABS into some Acetone until it became like a runny crayon, then used it to fill in.
  12. Mark from AP is active on here, he may also be able to provide some insight. Here are some images of mine: The ones with the pencil lines show "ideal" lineup. Mine came pre-drilled and I used what was there. It got me EIB and should be 0 issue for Centurion. Go with the best fit of the pieces as priority #1.
  13. Your gloves are the wrong colour
  14. Looks great. Fantastic job!
  15. There are several AP build, mine among them. I found the helmet to be pretty quick. If it's not pre-drilled, see what you can do with your screw alignment on the ears, and watch the height of the brow when you're building. I had to shim mine up and glue it.
  16. Thanks all. At least 2 more troops next month.
  17. March 24th - Hamilton Heritagecon 13 at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Not our typical crowd but as everywhere, lots of Star Wars fans came out of the woodwork and kids were smiling. Picked up a sick Cantina Scene model kit.
  18. I agree with making them a bit big and adding foam inside for comfort.
  19. I'd clear more of it. The bite on the forearms can be nasty. Hi Roscoe. Check the references for TD's, as you'll most likely need to thin down the endcaps.
  20. Same rivets as used for the ab/kidney connection.
  21. That's gotta be one of the best build pics ever. And the sniper knee looks good so far!
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