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Trooper Poll: Calf Enclosure

Trooper Poll: Calf Enclosure  

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  1. 1. How do you like to close your calf pieces?

    • Bra hooks...classic!
    • Velcro...easy!
    • Magnets...science! (Thanks Cricket)
    • Other...hipster!

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I'm coming up on this stage in my build, but I realize it would be nice to have a series of these kinds of questions thought the build. It can be a kind of time consuming to have to go through entire builds to look up specific stuff (but not unproductive! And threads like ukswrath's Anovos build make things easier...).


Anyway, tell us how you like to close your calves! And feel free to tell us your thoughts on some pros and cons.



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I use a good quality velcro, I tried the bra hooks but couldn’t get them closed. Think my calves were cut too close together. Occasionally if I move my foot a weird way the velcro might pop, but again I think that’s due to the fit cause it’s only the one leg.

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I tried hooks for nostalgia, but I suit up on my own a lot and it was near impossible to do without assistance.  Industrial strength velcro has not let me down.

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